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Embedded Studio for RISC-V

Embedded Studio for RISC-V is the development environment for devices based on the open RISC-V architecture. Whether you use an available device or designed your own chips, Embedded Studio offers a complete solution to develop and debug your application.

  • Support for the open RISC-V architecture
  • RV32I
  • RV32G, RV32GC

Embedded Studio for RISC-V is a full-featured version of Embedded Studio. It enables you to use the complete development solution, including toolchain, optimized run-time library, core simulator and hardware debugging with the J-Link debug probes, for any RISC-V based device.

Embedded Studio for RISC-V includes support for these core variants: RV32I, RV32IMA, RV32IMAC, RV32IMAF, RV32IMAFC, RV32G, RV32GC. If you use a device with a different core variant, contact us.