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2022 |
Mar. 30
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SEGGER News: SEGGER Embedded Studio for Arm now with hard real-time C++ support

SEGGER Embedded Studio for ARM now with hard real-time C++ support

SEGGER’s Embedded Studio for ARM Version 6 now offers real-time memory management which improves efficiency and response time for allocating and freeing up memory, enabling hard real-time to applications written in C++.

This brings Embedded Studio for ARM to the same level as the recently announced Embedded Studio Version 6 for RISC-V.

"We believe this underscores Embedded Studio’s position as the most sophisticated toolchain in the embedded space," says Rolf Segger, founder of SEGGER. "It is the first toolchain I know of that guarantees fast, constant-time heap operations."

Embedded Studio supports development for any Arm-based microcontroller, including Cortex-M, Cortex-A/R, and legacy cores Arm7, Arm9 and Arm11.

Embedded Studio comes with a C++17 Compiler and C++17 Standard Library, combining the efficiency and compact code of SEGGER's emRun runtime and emFloat floating-point libraries, plus the SEGGER Linker, optimized for C++ applications.

For an inspired, interesting and informative look at real-time dynamic storage allocation, see SEGGER’s blog article “C++ real-time allocation — a chess engine”.

About Embedded Studio

Embedded Studio is a multi-platform IDE (Integrated Development Environment) from SEGGER Microcontroller. Characterized by its flexibility of use, it includes all the tools and features a developer needs for professional embedded C and C++ programming and development.

It comes with a powerful project manager and source code editor. The editor is quick to start up and the build process is blazingly fast, saving precious working hours. It also includes SEGGER’s highly optimized emRun runtime and emFloat floating point libraries, as well as SEGGER's smart Linker, all of which have been developed from the ground up specifically for resource-constrained embedded systems.

In combination with the Clang-based, highly optimizing C/C++ SEGGER Compiler, extremely small yet efficient programs can be generated, putting every byte to work.

The built-in debugger leaves nothing to be desired. Fully integrated with J-Link, it delivers great performance and stability.

Embedded Studio is available for unlimited evaluation, and for educational and non-commercial purposes, free of charge, with no restrictions in terms of code size, features or duration of use.

It is used extensively at SEGGER internally and is continuously updated and enhanced.

More information is available at: