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Code Editor

Embedded Studio has a built-in editor that is particularly well suited to editing code. Its features provide you with everything needed for efficient development.

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Code formatter
  • Matching bracket highlight
  • Code completion
  • Search result highlight



The built-in editor is far more than a simple text editor. These are some of its features.

Code completion

Embedded Studio provides suggestions for code completion based on your application, while you type.


Easy navigation

Quick input for text, methods, and files accelerate search and open. Bookmarks provide fast switches between locations of interest.


Code templates

Code templates enable easy insertion of text blocks, such as function headers for documentation tools, or skeletons for your functions.


Syntax highlighting

The code editor supports the language of the source file it is editing, showing code with syntax highlighting.


Bracket highlighting

For easy identification of code blocks, even with not nicely formatted code, the matching bracket to the one at the cursor is highlighted.


Unused code highlighting

Based on pre-processor defines, from the project settings or the sources, unused code is greyed out.