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Embedded Studio for ARM

Embedded Studio for ARM enables efficient development for all ARM-based devices. With support ranging from small Cortex-M microprocessors used in IoT nodes to powerful Cortex-A cores in complex systems, Embedded Studio provides you with everything required to develop your products.

  • Support for all ARM-based devices
  • Cortex-M0, Cortex-M0+, Cortex-M1
  • Cortex-M3, Cortex-M4, Cortex-M7
  • Cortex-M23, Cortex-M33
  • Cortex-A5, Cortex-A7, Cortex-A8, Cortex-A9, Cortex-A12, Cortex-A15, Cortex-A17
  • Cortex-R4, Cortex-R5, Cortex-R8
  • Legacy ARM7, ARM9, ARM11

Embedded Studio for ARM is the full-featured licensing option of Embedded Studio. With one setup Embedded Studio supports development for any ARM based microcontroller, including Cortex-M, Cortex-A/R, and legacy ARM7/9/11 cores.

The Embedded Studio ARM license entitles you to develop your applications for as many of the supported cores and devices as you want. The all-in-one solution for complex systems and multi-device designs.