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Working with Flasher PRO

Flasher PRO can be used for programming flash targets with the J-Flash software or stand-alone.

Setting up Flasher PRO for first use

In order to use Flasher PRO for the first time you need to install the Flasher PRO related software and documentation pack which, among others, includes the J-Flash software and connect Flasher PRO to the host PC via USB.

Connecting the target system

Power-on sequence
In general, Flasher PRO should be powered on before connecting it with the target device. That means you should first connect Flasher PRO with the host system via USB / RS232 and then connect Flasher PRO with the target device via JTAG. Power-on the device after you connected Flasher PRO to it.
If you use Flasher PRO in stand-alone mode, just power-on Flasher PRO via external power supply

Verifying target device connection with J-Link.exe
If the USB driver is working properly and your Flasher PRO is connected with the host system, you may connect Flasher PRO to your target hardware. Then start the J-Link command line tool JLink.exe, which should now display the normal Flasher PRO related information and in addition to that it should report that it found a JTAG target and the target’s core ID. The screenshot below shows the output of JLink.exe. As can be seen, it reports a Flasher PRO with 3 JTAG devices connected.

Verifying target device connection with J-Flash
Another way to verify the target connection is to connect to the target using J-Flash. To connect to the target with J-Flash you have to choose an appropriate project file for the target first. After opening the project file choose Target --> Connect from the menu to connect to the target. If everything works as expected, follow the instructions in 2.2 to download a program to Flasher PRO with J-Flash.

Using Flasher PRO with PC Software "J-Flash"

J-Flash is a software running on Windows (Windows 2000 or later) systems and enables you to program your flash EEPROM devices via the JTAG connector on your target system.
J-Flash works with ARM7/9/11, Cortex-A5/A8/A9 and Cortex-M0/M0+/M1/M3/M4/M7 systems and supports all common external flashes, as well as the programming of internal flash of ARM microcontrollers. It allows you to erase, fill, program, blank check, upload flash content, and view memory functions of the software with your flash devices.


  • Works with any ARM7/9/11, Cortex-A5/A8/A9 and Cortex-M0/M0+/M1/M3/M4/M7 chip
  • ARM microcontrollers (internal flash) supported
  • Most external flash chips can be programmed
  • High-speed programming: up to 200 Kbytes/second (depends on flash device)
  • Very high-speed blank check: Approximately 16 Mbytes/sec (depends on target)
  • Smart read-back: Only non-blank portions of flash transferred and saved
  • Easy to use, comes with projects for standard eval boards

Setting up Flasher PRO for stand-alone mode

In order to setting up Flasher PRO for the "stand-alone mode" it has to be in "J-Link mode". When the correct connection of Flasher PRO to the host PC is veryfied start the J-Flash software. For more information about the general setup sequence to prepare Flasher PRO for stand-alone mode, please refer to the Flasher User's Guide (UM08002).

LED status indicators

Progress and result of an operation is indicated by Flasher PRO's LEDs:

Status of LED Meaning
GREEN, high frequency flashing (10 kHz) Enumerating Flasher PRO.
GREEN, slow blinking (1 kHz) Programming.
GREEN Programming operation successful / Ready.
RED Programming operation failed.

Using the serial link to program in circuit

Flasher PRO can be used for in circuit programming of supported CPUs, which incorporate built-in firmware for serial update of user flash. The target system has to be designed to support this mode of operation. Refer to target specific connection diagrams or User manuals of your target CPU.

Remote control of Flasher PRO

Flasher PRO can be remote controlled by automated testers without the need of a connection to PC and Flasher PRO's PC program. Therefore Flasher PRO is equipped with additional hardware control functions, which are connected to the SUBD9 male connector, normally used as RS232 interface to PC. The following diagrams show the internal remote control circuitry of Flasher PRO:

Pin Function Description
1 START A positive pulse of any voltage between 5V and 30V with duration of min. 30 ms starts itAutole function (Clear / Program / Verify) on falling edge of pulse. Whether Clear is executed depends on Options | Filling & misc. | Automatic clear before program.
4 BUSY As soon as Auto-Function is started, BUSY becomes active, which means that transistor is switched OFF.
5 GND Common Signal ground.
7 OK This output reflects result of last action. It is valid after BUSY turned back to passive state. The output transistor is switched ON to reflect OK state.