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Flasher Write - Performance



Performance of MCUs with Internal Flash Memory

The following tables list program performance values for different SEGGER Flashers and microcontrollers.

ARM and ARM Cortex architectures

MicrocontrollerSize [KB]Program time* [sec]Performance [KB/s]
Analog Devices ADuCM30252564.2260.6
Atmel AT91SAM7S64643.4933.2
Atmel AT91SAM7S256256 7.7118.3
NXP LPC17685128.5659.8
NXP LPC21061201.2099.7
NXP LPC21292482.9285.0
NXP LPC21385005.4991.1
NXP LPC2148500 5.6388.8
NXP LPC22942048 15.98128.2
NXP LPC24785045.4293.0
ST STM32F103ZE51218.7627.3
ST STR7112725.4849.7
ST STR91254412.9142.1
TI MSP432P401256 0.50512.0
TI TMS470R1B1M10248.15125.7


MicrocontrollerSize [KB]Program time* [sec]Performance [KB/s]

Power Architecture

MicrocontrollerSize [KB]Program time* [sec]Performance [KB/s]
ST SPC560B505764.16138.5

Devices via Universal Flash Loader

MicrocontrollerSize [KB]Program time* [sec]Performance [KB/s]
Microchip PIC16F18326283.079.1
ST STM8AF622381.047.7
ST STM8S208MB1289.1014.1

* Pure programming time. Total time including erase + verify heavily depends on factors like: Sector size, erase speed of flash, if flash was empty (no erase necessary) or already programmed (erase necessary)