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SEGGER Evaluation Software for NXP TWR-K60N512 Tower System

NXP - Freescale twrk60n512 Tower System

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Data Sheets

Freescale TWR-K60N512 Tower System

  • K60N512 in 144 MAPBGA, K60N512VMD100
  • Capacitive Touch Pads
  • Integrated, Open-Source JTAG
  • SD Card Slot
  • MMA7660 3-axis accelerometer
  • Tower Plug-In (TWRPI) Socket for expansion (sensors, etc.)
  • Touch TWRPI Socket adds support for various capacitive touch boards (e.g. keypads, rotary dials, sliders, etc.)
  • Tower connectivity for access to USB, Ethernet, RS232/RS485, CAN, SPI, I²C, Flexbus, etc.
  • Plus: Potentiometer, 4 LEDs, 2 pushbuttons, infrared port

Kinetis PK60N512VMD100

  • Up to 32-channel DMA. Up to 16 KB of cache. Cross bar switch
  • IEEE 1588 Ethernet MAC with hardware time stamping
  • USB On-The-Go (full and high speed) with device charger detect
  • Hardware encryption coprocessor
  • System security with hardware tamper detect
  • FlexBus external bus interface
  • Secure digital host controller
  • NAND flash controller
  • DRAM controller
  • 256 KB–1 MB flash. Up to 128 KB of SRAM
  • 32 KB–512 KB FlexMemory