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The following features are provided:

  • Available for every embOS port
  • Easy to use
  • Additional API trace functionality
  • Communication via J-Link possible
  • Communication via Ethernet possible

embOSView displays the state of a running application using embOS. embOSView is a very helpful analysis tool. It shows the state of every task created by the target application and the state of major system variables.

A serial interface (UART) is normally used for communication with the target. But there are also other communication channels like Ethernet or memory read/write for Cortex-M or RX CPUs or even DCC for ARM7/9 or Cortex A/R CPUs. Every embOS start project already includes everything necessary for using embOSView. embOSView is part of every embOS shipment and trial version.


  embOSView for Windows




embOSView is a very helpful tool for analysis of the running target application.



embOSView windows

Task list window
Prio Current priority of task
Id Task ID, which is the address of the task control block
Name Name assigned during creation
Status Current state of task (ready, executing, delay,
reason for suspension)
Data Depends on status
Timeout Time of next activation
Stack Used stack size/max. stack size/stack location
CPULoad Percentage CPU load caused by task
Run Count Number of activations since reset
Time slice Round robin information
System variable window
OS_VERSION Current version of embOS
CPU Target CPU and compiler
LibMode Library mode used for target application
OS_Time Current system time in timer ticks
OS_NUM_TASKS Current number of defined tasks
OS_Status Current error code (or O.K.)
OS_pActiveTask Active task that should be running
OS_pCurrentTask Actual currently running task
SysStack Used size/max. size/location of system stack
IntStack Used size/max. size/location of interrupt stack
TraceBuffer Current count/maximum size and current state of trace buffer