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emWin VNC

  • Remote control of target desktop
  • Works with all VNC servers supporting the RFB protocoll
  • File transfers from/to the target possible

Counterpart of the VNC server which allows the user to view and control the 'target desktop' from anywhere on the internet including the option of file transfers.

VNC stands for "Virtual Network Computing". It is a client server system based on a simple display protocol which allows the user to view and control a computing 'desk-top' environment from anywhere on the Internet and from a wide variety of machine architectures, communicating via TCP/IP.

In other words: The display contents  of  the embedded device are visible on the screen of the machine running the client (for example, your  PC);  your mouse and keyboard can be used to control the target.If a file system is available, it is also possible to achieve file transfers between client and target in combination with the emWin VNC client.

Requirements / Restrictions

  • TCP/IP stack: Since the communication between the server and the viewer is based on a TCP/IP connection, VNC requires a TCP/IP stack. A TCP/IP stack needs to be present. That is NOT part of emWin. The interface of the VNC server ensures that any TCP/IP stack can be used.
  • Multi tasking: The VNC server needs to run as a separate thread. Therefore a multi tasking system is required to use the emWin VNC server.
  • File system: Required only if the file transfer feature should be used.