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embOS for MicroEJ

In cooperation with IS²T / MicroEJ, SEGGER provides an MicroEJ example platform based on its own high-performance real-time operating system embOS. The package provides a complete Java platform, including a Virtual Machine and other components. The virtual machine is a 32-bit processor that manages the Java threads. It is executed as a task controlled by SEGGER's embOS kernel, thereby combining all advantages of both ANSI-C and Java languages on a single embedded target.

Sample Project

The example platform has been designed to run on the STMicrolectronics STM32F429-Discovery board out of the box. Ports to other hardware platforms are available on request.

The usage of this MicroEJ Example Platform requires:

  • A PC with Windows XP or later.
  • An installation of the Eclipse-based MicroEJ IDE
  • An STMicrolectronics STM32F429-Discovery board

Furthermore, in case modifications to the platform are desired, ARM Keil µVision 4.60 or higher is required (for Keil µVision 5.x, MD5 Legacy Support must be installed as well). An appropriate Keil µVision project file (Project.uvproj) is included in the platform and resides at the ARMCC-bsp sub-folder.

How to Install

To gain access to the platform, please contact You will then receive instructions how to download the platform.

After completion of the download, the platform can be installed from within the MicroEJ IDE: Navigate to "Help > Welcome", press the "Manage Platforms" and "Import" buttons on the following screen and import the platform from your file system.

Once installed, the following procedure may be used to quickly get started using an example application, which may subsequently be used as a starting point for writing your own application:

  • In MicroEJ, open "Welcome page > Help > Welcome".
  • Open the "New Java Example Project" wizard.
  • Select the appropriate Java platform from the combo box.
  • Select the example, e.g. "Examples > MicroUI > MVC".
  • Click "Next" and enter a name for the project.
  • Click "Finish": The selected example is imported into a project with the given name.
  • Open "Run > Run configurations" and select the appropriate MicroEJ launcher: MyMVCSample SimJPF may be used for simulations,  MyMVCSampleEmbJPF will use the actual hardware.
  • Click on "Run": The application starts. Note that ST-Link is pre-configured in the included launch configuration for the MyMVCSampleEmbJPF launcher.