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Fastest time-to-market

Benefit from embOS's time-to-market advantages.

embOS excels through its simple installation and straight-forward usage

It is easy to learn, verify and certify. As a result, embOS is the leading RTOS.


Quality Documentation

The much-valued embOS manual covers everything from RTOS basics to all technical details. Please review our embOS User Manual and see for yourself!


Complete Source Code Availability

The embOS source code is designed for high efficiency and robustness while easily comprehensible and usable. Please contact us if you like to evaluate the embOS source code.


Powerful and easy-to-use API

The embOS API is powerful, yet easy to use. Compile- and run-time error checks help to rapidly identify and avoid application errors. Various sample applications ensure a smooth start into development.



SEGGER offers first class support directly by the embOS development team. This helps you to get any question answered both swiftly and precisely. Even when working with a trial version, please don't hesitate to get in touch with the embOS experts.



If you are unfamiliar with real-time operating systems or need a specialized or even personalized training on embOS, SEGGER offers extensive trainings that cover your precise needs. Be it mere basics or specified application requirements: Learn directly from SEGGER's Embedded Experts!


Board Support Packages

With more than 500 board support packages, embOS runs out-of-the-box on any common hardware. This can be an evalboard or even your custom hardware. Each board support package comes with all required initialization code and a start project for the IDE of your choice. Run your first embOS application in less than 5 minutes!