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emPower Downloads

emPower is SEGGER's demonstrator and reference board for SEGGER's RTOS and middleware products. Downloads include a full set of evaluation software running on emPower.

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emPower User Manual (UM06001)
md5: 121b1762636efd9a1e26ccad08342d3d
emSecure Digital Signature
V2.00 Rev. 2
3,871 KB 
emPower Schematic (SC06001)
md5: d6ea7ad48c2cf741d89c9dae2f05d0cc
emSecure Digital Signature
V2.00 Rev.A
115 KB 

 Application Notes
Getting started with SEGGER Eval Software (AN00020)
md5: 78758c58d9d260ef5cd766b9aada0fbc
1,407 KB 

SEGGER Eval Software for Cortex-M and SEGGER Embedded Studio
Included middleware components (trial versions):
- embOS
- emFile
- embOS/IP
- emModbus
- emUSB-Device
- emUSB-Host
- emWin
md5: f005a4fbb2fbb0fd90baca6b856bba9d
emSecure Digital Signature
42,287 KB 
Crypto Trial Lib
md5: 133d7f2ab58aac065d8640eb27219745
emSecure Digital Signature
12,140 KB