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Crypto Library Hardware Acceleration: Kinetis CAU

The Kinetis Cryptographic Acceleration Unit (CAU) is a primitive accelerator presented as a memory-mapped peripheral.



The SEGGER crypto library has specialized hardware-assisted ciphering and hashing support

The following cryptographic algorithms using the CAU:

  • DES in ECB and CBC modes.
  • TDES in ECB and CBC modes with keying options 1, 2, and 3.
  • AES-128, AES-192, and AES-256 in ECB and CBC modes.
  • MD5
  • SHA-1
  • SHA-256
  • RNG

All other cipher modes (e.g. AES-GCM and AES-CCM) use hardware-assisted ciphering of individual blocks with software taking care of the cipher mode.

AES Performance Benchmarks

CipherModeSoftware PerformanceHardware PerformanceSpeedup
AES-128-ECBEncrypt2.17 MB/s8.20 MB/sx3.8!CALCULATE_BAR_1_2!
AES-192-ECBEncrypt1.86 MB/s6.87 MB/s x3.7!CALCULATE_BAR_1_2!
AES-256-ECBEncrypt1.62 MB/s6.09 MB/s x3.8!CALCULATE_BAR_1_2!
AES-128-CBCEncrypt1.72 MB/s7.91 MB/s x4.6!CALCULATE_BAR_1_2!
AES-192-CBCEncrypt1.52 MB/s6.56 MB/s x4.3!CALCULATE_BAR_1_2!
AES-256-CBCEncrypt1.36 MB/s5.85 MB/s x4.3!CALCULATE_BAR_1_2!
AES-128-CBCDecrypt1.61 MB/s6.67 MB/s x4.2!CALCULATE_BAR_1_2!
AES-192-CBCDecrypt1.43 MB/s5.77 MB/s x4.0!CALCULATE_BAR_1_2!
AES-256-CBCDecrypt1.29 MB/s5.08 MB/s x3.9!CALCULATE_BAR_1_2!

DES Performance Benchmark

CipherModeSoftware PerformanceHardware PerformanceSpeedup
DES-ECBEncrypt1.05 MB/s11.74 MB/sx11.2!CALCULATE_BAR_1_2!
DES-EDE2-ECBEncrypt0.36 MB/s11.74 MB/sx32.6!CALCULATE_BAR_1_2!
DES-EDE3-ECBEncrypt0.36 MB/s11.74 MB/sx32.6!CALCULATE_BAR_1_2!
DES-CBCEncrypt0.90 MB/s11.84 MB/s x13.1!CALCULATE_BAR_1_2!
DES-EDE2-CBCEncrypt0.34 MB/s11.85 MB/s x34.7!CALCULATE_BAR_1_2!
DES-EDE3-CBCEncrypt0.34 MB/s11.85 MB/sx34.7!CALCULATE_BAR_1_2!
DES-CBCDecrypt0.84 MB/s9.48 MB/s x11.3!CALCULATE_BAR_1_2!
DES-EDE2-CBCDecrypt0.33 MB/s9.48 MB/s x28.7!CALCULATE_BAR_1_2!
DES-EDE3-CBCDecrypt0.33 MB/s9.48 MB/s x28.7!CALCULATE_BAR_1_2!