Flasher STM8 - Production Flasher

Flash programmer for STM8 series of flash microcontrollers with on-chip flash.

  • All STM8 devices can be programmed
  • Integrated optical isolation between host and target system
  • Standard 4-pin SWIM connector
  • USB 2.0 interface
  • Full duplex 100Mbit
  • Ethernet interface
  • Target voltage can be measured & monitored during program
  • Free updates

*Please note: Flasher STM8 is a legacy product, its successor is Flasher PRO with the STM8 Adapter. Support is still available.

Supported Devices

In general, Flasher STM8 can be used with any STM8 CPU even if it is not listed here. On supported CPUs, all kinds of internal flashes can be programmed: Data flash, program flash and option bytes.

Download Flasher STM8 software and documentation pack

Flasher STM8 software microcontroller support

In the following, all microcontrollers that are supported by the Flasher STM8 and that are supported out of the box by the Flasher STM8 software, are listed. If the device you want to use is not listed here, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us: info@segger.com

NameProgram FlashData Flash
STLUX385A32 KB1024 Byte
STM8AF516932 KB1024 Byte
STM8AF517848 KB1536 Byte
STM8AF517948 KB1536 Byte
STM8AF518864 KB1536 Byte
STM8AF518964 KB1536 Byte
STM8AF519896 KB2048 Byte
STM8AF519996 KB2048 Byte
STM8AF519A96 KB2048 Byte
STM8AF51A8128 KB2048 Byte
STM8AF51A9128 KB2048 Byte
STM8AF51AA128 KB2048 Byte
STM8AF526832 KB1024 Byte
STM8AF526932 KB1024 Byte
STM8AF528664 KB2048 Byte
STM8AF528864 KB2048 Byte
STM8AF528964 KB2048 Byte
STM8AF528A64 KB2048 Byte
STM8AF52A6128 KB2048 Byte
STM8AF52A8128 KB2048 Byte
STM8AF52A9128 KB2048 Byte
STM8AF52AA128 KB2048 Byte
STM8AF61268 KB384 Byte
STM8AF614616 KB512 Byte
STM8AF614816 KB512 Byte
STM8AF616632 KB1024 Byte
STM8AF616832 KB1024 Byte
STM8AF616932 KB1024 Byte
STM8AF617648 KB1536 Byte
STM8AF617848 KB1536 Byte
STM8AF617948 KB1536 Byte
STM8AF618664 KB1536 Byte
STM8AF618864 KB1536 Byte
STM8AF618964 KB1536 Byte
STM8AF619896 KB2048 Byte
STM8AF619996 KB2048 Byte
STM8AF619A96 KB2048 Byte
STM8AF61A8128 KB2048 Byte
STM8AF61A9128 KB2048 Byte
STM8AF61AA128 KB2048 Byte
STM8AF62134 KB512 Byte
STM8AF62238 KB512 Byte
STM8AF62268 KB512 Byte
STM8AF624616 KB512 Byte
STM8AF624816 KB512 Byte
STM8AF626632 KB1024 Byte
STM8AF626832 KB1024 Byte
STM8AF626932 KB1024 Byte
STM8AF628664 KB2048 Byte
STM8AF628864 KB2048 Byte
STM8AF628964 KB2048 Byte
STM8AF628A64 KB2048 Byte
STM8AF62A6128 KB2048 Byte
STM8AF62A8128 KB2048 Byte
STM8AF62A9128 KB2048 Byte
STM8AF62AA128 KB2048 Byte
STM8AH516932 KBNo Data Flash
STM8AH517848 KBNo Data Flash
STM8AH517948 KBNo Data Flash
STM8AH518864 KBNo Data Flash
STM8AH518964 KBNo Data Flash
STM8AH519896 KBNo Data Flash
STM8AH519996 KBNo Data Flash
STM8AH519A96 KBNo Data Flash
STM8AH51A8128 KBNo Data Flash
STM8AH51A9128 KBNo Data Flash
STM8AH51AA128 KBNo Data Flash
STM8AH61268 KBNo Data Flash
STM8AH614616 KBNo Data Flash
STM8AH614816 KBNo Data Flash
STM8AH616632 KBNo Data Flash
STM8AH616832 KBNo Data Flash
STM8AH616932 KBNo Data Flash
STM8AH617648 KBNo Data Flash
STM8AH617848 KBNo Data Flash
STM8AH617948 KBNo Data Flash
STM8AH618664 KBNo Data Flash
STM8AH618864 KBNo Data Flash
STM8AH618964 KBNo Data Flash
STM8AH619896 KBNo Data Flash
STM8AH619996 KBNo Data Flash
STM8AH619A96 KBNo Data Flash
STM8AH61A8128 KBNo Data Flash
STM8AH61A9128 KBNo Data Flash
STM8AH61AA128 KBNo Data Flash
STM8AL31368 KB1024 Byte
STM8AL31388 KB1024 Byte
STM8AL314616 KB1024 Byte
STM8AL314816 KB1024 Byte
STM8AL316632 KB1024 Byte
STM8AL316832 KB1024 Byte
STM8AL318864 KB2048 Byte
STM8AL31E8864 KB2048 Byte
STM8AL318964 KB2048 Byte
STM8AL31E8964 KB2048 Byte
STM8AL318A64 KB2048 Byte
STM8AL31E8A64 KB2048 Byte
STM8AL3L4616 KB1024 Byte
STM8AL3L4816 KB1024 Byte
STM8AL3L6632 KB1024 Byte
STM8AL3L6832 KB1024 Byte
STM8AL3L8864 KB2048 Byte
STM8AL3LE8864 KB2048 Byte
STM8AL3L8964 KB2048 Byte
STM8AL3LE8964 KB2048 Byte
STM8AL3L8A64 KB2048 Byte
STM8AL3LE8A64 KB2048 Byte
STM8L051F38 KB256 Byte
STM8L052C632 KB256 Byte
STM8L052R864 KB256 Byte
STM8L101F12 KBNo Data Flash
STM8L101F24 KBNo Data Flash
STM8L101F38 KBNo Data Flash
STM8L101G24 KBNo Data Flash
STM8L101G38 KBNo Data Flash
STM8L101K38 KBNo Data Flash
STM8L151C24 KB256 Byte
STM8L151C38 KB256 Byte
STM8L151C416 KB1024 Byte
STM8L151C632 KB1024 Byte
STM8L151C864 KB2048 Byte
STM8L151F24 KB256 Byte
STM8L151F38 KB256 Byte
STM8L151G24 KB256 Byte
STM8L151G38 KB256 Byte
STM8L151G416 KB1024 Byte
STM8L151G632 KB1024 Byte
STM8L151K24 KB256 Byte
STM8L151K38 KB256 Byte
STM8L151K416 KB1024 Byte
STM8L151K632 KB1024 Byte
STM8L151M864 KB2048 Byte
STM8L151R632 KB1024 Byte
STM8L151R864 KB2048 Byte
STM8L152C416 KB1024 Byte
STM8L152C632 KB1024 Byte
STM8L152C864 KB2048 Byte
STM8L152K416 KB1024 Byte
STM8L152K632 KB1024 Byte
STM8L152M864 KB2048 Byte
STM8L152R632 KB1024 Byte
STM8L152R864 KB2048 Byte
STM8S001J38 KB128 Byte
STM8S003F38 KB128 Byte
STM8S003K38 KB128 Byte
STM8S005C632 KB128 Byte
STM8S005K632 KB128 Byte
STM8S007C864 KB128 Byte
STM8S103F24 KB640 Byte
STM8S103F38 KB640 Byte
STM8S103K38 KB640 Byte
STM8S105C416 KB1024 Byte
STM8S105C632 KB1024 Byte
STM8S105K416 KB1024 Byte
STM8S105K632 KB1024 Byte
STM8S105S416 KB1024 Byte
STM8S105S632 KB1024 Byte
STM8S207CB128 KB2048 Byte
STM8S207C632 KB1024 Byte
STM8S207C864 KB1536 Byte
STM8S207K632 KB1024 Byte
STM8S207K864 KB1024 Byte
STM8S207MB128 KB2048 Byte
STM8S207M864 KB2048 Byte
STM8S207RB128 KB2048 Byte
STM8S207R632 KB1024 Byte
STM8S207R864 KB1536 Byte
STM8S207SB128 KB1536 Byte
STM8S207S632 KB1024 Byte
STM8S207S864 KB1536 Byte
STM8S208CB128 KB2048 Byte
STM8S208C632 KB2048 Byte
STM8S208C864 KB2048 Byte
STM8S208MB128 KB2048 Byte
STM8S208RB128 KB2048 Byte
STM8S208R632 KB2048 Byte
STM8S208R864 KB2048 Byte
STM8S208SB128 KB1536 Byte
STM8S208S632 KB1536 Byte
STM8S208S864 KB1536 Byte
STM8S903F38 KB640 Byte
STM8S903K38 KB640 Byte

Flasher STM8 Specifications

Supported OS Microsoft Windows 2000
Microsoft Windows XP
Microsoft Windows XP x64
Microsoft Windows 2003
Microsoft Windows 2003 x64
Microsoft Windows Vista
Microsoft Windows Vista x64
Microsoft Windows 7
Microsoft Windows 7 x64
Microsoft Windows 8
Microsoft Windows 8 x64
Microsoft Windows 10
Microsoft Windows 10 x64
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)EN 55022, EN 55024
Operating temperature+5°C ... +60°C
Storage temperature20°C ... +65 °C
Relative humidity (non-condensing) Max. 90% rH
Size (without cables)121mm x 66mm x 30mm
Weight (without cables) 122g
USB interfaceUSB 2.0
Ethernet interface100Mbit, full duplex
RS232 Host interface RS232 9-pin
Target interfaceSWIM 4-pin connector
SWIM interface, Electrical
Power supplyUSB powered, 100mA for Flasher STM8. 500mA if target is powered by Flasher STM8.
Target interface voltage (VIF)1.2V ... 5V
Target supply voltage 4.5V ... 5V (if powered with 5V on USB)
Target supply current Max. 300mA
LOW level input voltage (VIL) Max. 40% of VIF
HIGH level input voltage (VIH) Min. 60% of VIF

Download Speed

Flasher STM8 has been designed to download to the target as fast as possible while still providing the best compatibility and convenience in behavior of the software across all STM8 devices. The table below shows the measured download speed for standalone programming and for programming via PC driven software.

The following environment has been used:

PC with 2.53 GHz Core2Duo, running WinXP
USB 2.0 port
USB 2.0 hub

OperationStandalone modePC mode
Program (128KB)8.5s (15KB/s) 8.5s (15KB/s)
Program and verify (128KB)11.3s 11.3s

For compatibility and convenience reasons the standard block programming mode with self-erase is used. As STM8 devices do not provide a mass erase command, a block by block erase of the CPU is required for a full chip erase (please note that removing the Read-Out-Protection for this case might cause side effects in some STM8 devices and is therefore not a suitable replacement for a proper mass erase command). If not required for a specific case like unlocking/erasing the CPU, the normal block programming mode with self-erase provides the better performance and is therefore used.

Package Content

Flasher STM8

USB cable

4-pin flat ribbon cable

RS232 cable 1:1 female / male