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The SEGGER STM8 Adapter maps from the standard J-Link 20-pin 0.1" connector to the SWIM connector, and the 10-pin 0.1"-pitch connector.

The Flasher STM8 Adapter converts the standard J-Link 20-pin 0.1" connector to the SWIM connector and a standard 10-pin connector. In addition the target board can be powered using the external input connector on the STM8 Adapter.

Please note that this adapter is usable only with the Flasher ATE, Flasher PRO and the Flasher Portable PLUS and only for the purpose of flash programming. It cannot be used with a J-Link and it cannot be used for debugging STM8 devices.


The Flashers are tested with a 4 way ribbon cable of type ERNI part no. 839016 (100mm) mounted with keyed header (female) mounted on both sides (resulting in a total length of around 120mm).

Using your own cable or using a different cable length is not recommended as proper function can not be
guaranteed. Using a different cable is on your own risk.