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Embedded Studio is designed for development efficiency. Fast startup, short project load time and parallel build minimize the time you spend waiting. Using J-Link debug technology, you can download, debug and analyze your application fast and effortlessly.

  • Short startup and load time
  • Parallel build process
  • Fast debugging with J-Link



In development, the performance of the development environment highly affects your daily workflow. Embedded Studio helps you to maximize your productivity and minimizes the time you spend waiting by providing a high-performance environment.

Startup and load

Embedded Studio starts up and loads your project within two seconds. When you open Embedded Studio, it is exactly as you left it the last time. The most recent project is loaded, and all windows and source files are restored.

Switching between projects is equally fast. Embedded Studio manages your recent projects in a history for easy access.

Start up1 sec.
Project load1 sec.


Embedded Studio includes various features, shortcuts, and tricks, to support your development workflow. This is only a short list of some of them. Evaluate Embedded Studio to find more.

  • All windows can be moved, docked, and grouped to fit your requirements.
  • Window content and display is customizable.
  • Source editor and the project manager are synchronized to improve navigation.
  • Text search, method search, and file open are available as quick input instead of bulky dialogs.
  • Option dialogs features search input to let you easily find the option you are looking for.
Find text< 1 sec.
Find method< 1 sec.
Open file< 1 sec.

Compile and Build

Embedded Studio features parallel build of your project sources to speed up building. It can automatically select the number of parallel build processes for best performance with your computer. Parallel build is not only available with the internal tool chain, but can also be used with external tool chains.

1 Building Thread41 sec. (10 files/sec.)
8 Building Threads13 sec. (31 files/sec.)

400 source files in 6 projects, Windows 7 64-bit



The debugger seamlessly integrates J-Link/J-Trace debug probes. With the J-Link technology you get the fastest debugging experience, supported for example by the integrated flash download.

Debug start, empty device7 sec.
Debug start, no source change2 sec.
Restart1 sec.

496 kByte application, Kinetis K60, SWD, 16 MHz