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Embedded Studio License Activation

Activation of a commercial-use license is made simple and hassle-free.

License Types

Commercial-use licenses for Embedded Studio are available as three activation types:

J-Link-locked license

The activation is stored on a J-Link, which serves as a USB dongle for portable use of the license.

PC-locked license

The activation is stored on one PC and locked to it.

Multi-user license

Multi-user licenses are not locked and can be activated on any computer.

License Activation

You receive a license activation via e-mail or for download.

Copy the activation key to your clipboard.

For J-Link locked licenses, also connect the associated J-Link via USB.


Open the Embedded Studio License Manager at Tools -> License Manager....


Select Activate Embedded Studio, paste the activation key, and click Install License.


The license is activated and Embedded Studio is ready for commercial use.