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2013 |
Jun. 13
J-Link, Press Releases 2013

SEGGER J-Link – First Debug Probe supporting Infineon’s Single Pin Debug Interface

SEGGER has added support for Infineon’s Single Pin Debug (SPD) Interface for the XMC1000-series of Infineon Technologies to the J-Link family of debug probes.

The J-Link is the only commercial debug probe in the market capable of connecting to a device with the SPD-interface.

“Support for Infineon's SPD-interface makes J-Link even more versatile. It puts the full J-Link family yet another step ahead of the competition”, says Ivo Geilenbruegge, Managing Director of SEGGER.

““We are making sure our complete line of J-Link debug probes support all major tool vendors, CPU architectures and target interfaces. Being the first vendor supporting Infineon's XMC1000 series single-wire debug interface is just one more point of proof”, says Alexander Gruener, Product Manager for J-Link.

“The SEGGER support for the SPD-interface significantly improves the eco-system for the XMC1000-series. By working with SEGGER, the SPD-interface is now accessible from all popular tool-chains in the market, including the free DAVE™ development platform and other free GDB-based development environments ”, says Dr. Stephan Zizala, Senior Director, Industrial and Multimarket Microcontrollers at Infineon Technologies AG.



About J-Link

The SEGGER J-Link is the most popular debug probe on the market. It is tool chain independent and works with free GDB-based tool chains such as emIDE and Eclipse, as well as commercial IDEs from: Microchip (MPLAB® X), Atmel, Atollic, Coocox, Cosmic, Freescale, IAR, KEIL, Mentor Graphics, Python, Rowley, Renesas, Tasking and others. With the J-Link family, investments in the debug probe are preserved when changing compiler or even CPU architecture.

J-Link supports multiple CPU families, such as ARM 7, 9, 11, Cortex-M0, M0+, M1, M3, M4, R4, A5, A8, A9 as well as Renesas RX100, RX200, RX610, 620, 62N, 62T, 630, 631, 63N and Microchip PIC32; there is no need to buy a new J-Link or new license when switching to a different yet supported CPU family or tool-chain. SEGGER is also continuously adding support for additional cores, which in most cases, only requires a software/firmware update. Unlimited free updates are included with even the baseline model of the J-Link family. SEGGER is excited to continue advanced development of its cutting edge embedded tool solutions to be utilized with pretty much any development environment you choose. All J-Links are fully compatible to each other, so an upgrade from a lower-end model to a higher-end model is a matter of a simple plug-and-play.

Full product specifications are available at: The J-Link-Software is available at: U.S. On-Line Web Shop: Online Shop (Europe, Asia, Africa):