What's Happening at SEGGER?

2023 |
Jan. 17
Flasher, News
Flasher for PIC12 and PIC16

SEGGER announces improved Flasher support for PIC12 & PIC16

SEGGER's family of Flashers now supports the vast majority of Microchip PIC12 and PIC16 MCU families.

Current Flasher model licenses include the right to download the required software and firmware updates free of charge. Similarly, use on all target devices currently supported, and on any that will be added, is also included: No additional licenses required, no hidden costs, no future costs.

Flashers work with a PC or in stand-alone mode, connect via USB and/or Ethernet (Flasher PRO, Flasher Compact, Flasher PRO XL, Flasher Portable PLUS and Flasher ARM), and are multi-platform for Linux, macOS and Windows.

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