2019 |
Jul. 11
Press Releases
SEGGER PR | Hilscher NetX90 Support

J-Trace & J-Link Support for Hilscher NetX90

SEGGER added support for the latest Hilscher multiprotocol SoC “netX90” to J-Trace and J-Link.

Software engineers working with Hilscher's netX90 can now enjoy not only the high download speeds of the J-Link and advanced features, such as breakpoints in flash memory, but also the additional features brought to the table by J-Trace-PRO, such as live code profiling and coverage.

The SEGGER J-Link / J-Trace is the most popular family of debug and trace probes on the market. It is tool chain independent and supports GDB, LLVM/Clang as well as most commercial tool chains. J-Trace PRO works with all currently available Cortex-M devices with ETM trace output.

"The increasing complexity of System-on-Chips (SoC) makes system verification even more important. Hilscher's netX90 is a prime example of why modern developers should use J-Trace PRO, which offers streaming trace and simply works!", says Alex Grüner, CTO at SEGGER. "The ability to log the program flow over long periods of time can catch even the most elusive bugs.” For more details on how to use the trace features with Hilscher netX90, please visit the SEGGER Wiki:

“SEGGER is well known for providing powerful, easy to use, reliable tools to software engineers. We are very excited to have J-Link and J-Trace out-of-the-box support for our netX90.”, says Sebastian Hilscher, Division Manager Development.