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embOS MSP430 for TI Code Composer

embOS for Texas Instruments MSP430 was developed for and with the TI Code Composer tool chain and supports all memory models offered by this compiler. It comes with an easy to use start project for the TI Code composer studio


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Resources and performance data

Memory usage
Kernel size (ROM) Approx.1500 bytes
Kernel RAM usage 28 bytes
RAM usage per task control block 14 bytes
RAM usage per resource semaphore 8 bytes
RAM usage per counting semaphore 4 bytes
RAM usage per mailbox 12 bytes
RAM usage per software timer 12 bytes
RAM usage event 0 bytes
Min. stack-size per task (RAM) 44 bytes
Context switch time 263 clock cycles (263 µs), independent of number of tasks
Interrupt latency time Max. 151 clock cycles (151.0 µs)
Kernel CPU usage/TICK Less than 1% of total calculation time at 1000 interrupts/second (1ms TICK)
Basic time unit (TICK) Typ. 1 ms, min. 100 µs (10 kHz interrupt frequency)
Max. no. of tasks Unlimited (by available RAM only)
Max. no. of mailboxes Unlimited (by available RAM only)
Max. no. of semaphores Unlimited (by available RAM only)
Max. no. of software timers Unlimited (by available RAM only)
Max. no. of priorities 255
Stack size idle task (RAM) 0 (no memory needed)
Nested interrupts Permitted
Task switches from within ISR Possible

Absolute data given above were measured with embOS release build on an MSP430F149 CPU running at 1 MHz.


Board support packages

embOS comes with lots of ready to go start projects and support packages for various MSP430/430x CPUs and starterboards.

CPU Eval board
TI XMS430F5438 TI MSP-TS430PZ100F54