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SEGGER Evaluation Software for IAR LPC2148

NXP - ealpc2148

SEGGER Evaluation Software

Included Components:

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Download   embOS trial for ARM 7/9/11/XScale/Cortex-A/R and SEGGER Embedded Studio

SEGGER Notifications

   to SEGGER Evaluation Software Notifications

Data Sheets


  • Audio circuit with microphone jack and headphone jack
  • Trace (MICTOR) connector mounted
  • Two UARTs with drivers and DB9 connectors
  • USB connector
  • ETM routing
  • Potentiometer connected to the ADC
  • Two buttons
  • One LED
  • 2 x 16 LCD
  • 20-pin JTAG interface connector
  • SD connector for external memory
  • 13x36 through hole prototyping area
  • Ready to run code example exercising on-chip peripherals
  • Complete API for LCD
  • Schematics included
  • RoHS compliant

LPC2148FBD64 (NXP)

  • 32/16-bit RISC architecture (ARM v4T)
  • 32-bit ARM instruction set for maximum performance and flexibility
  • 16-bit Thumb instruction set for increased code density
  • Unified bus interface, 32-bit data bus carries both instructions and data
  • Three-stage pipeline
  • 32-bit ALU
  • Small die size and low power consumption
  • Coprocessor interface
  • Extensive debug facilities:
    • EmbeddedICE-RT real-time debug unit
    • JTAG interface unit
    • Interface for direct connection to Embedded Trace Macrocell(ETM)