SEGGER @ embedded world 2024

From April 9-11, 2024, embedded world took place in Nuremberg, Germany.

Thank you for visiting us at our booth

A trade show is only successful with visitors who are open to discovering new tools, features, and, in general, new ways of working. Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who visited our booth. Thank you for engaging in numerous valuable discussions about the latest industry trends, for your insightful questions that provided us with a deeper understanding of how you use our tools, and for your overall interest in our embedded software and products. We hope you enjoyed the event as much as we did. And if you weren't able to visit us at embedded world, we hope that this review will provide you with some insight into what was going on at our booth.

A look back at embedded world 2024

What do a coffee maker, a smartwatch and a spectrophometer for measuring colors with digital standards have in common? At SEGGER's booth at this year's embedded world, you could find the simple answer: They are all powered by SEGGER tools and libraries.

While many know SEGGER for our J-Link debug probes, our portfolio extends far beyond this. Comprised of four key categories (RTOS and embedded software, software tools, debug and trace probes, production tools), SEGGER provides efficient, reliable, and robust tools catering to the diverse needs of embedded systems developers:

RTOS & embedded software

Our highly efficient software libraries are the backbone of modern embedded systems, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Product highlight: embOS-Ultra – the high-precision RTOS

embOS-Ultra uses Cycle-resolution Timing to offer greater precision and time resolution than any other RTOS on the market. Scheduling of all time-based events, such as timeouts, delays, and periodic timers, can now be specified in microseconds or even CPU cycles. Cycle-resolution Timing technology replaces target-specific techniques for precise timing with clean and consistent API calls.

Software tools

From development to debugging, our comprehensive suite of software tools makes it easy to create, verify, and debug target systems.

Product highlight: Embedded Studio – the leading multi-platform IDE

Embedded Studio is the all-in-one solution for managing, building, testing, and deploying embedded applications. It offers a wide range of features that make development smooth and efficient. Multi-platform targets are handled by the same IDE - just switch between projects within the same solution. Its outstanding toolchain helps create the smallest firmware for many applications.

Debug and trace probes

With their outstanding performance, robustness and ease of use, our debug and trace probes ensure seamless operation and effortless troubleshooting.

J-Link PRO PoE is SEGGER's specialized programming and debug probe for creating test farms with a minimized cable harness. It can draw power via Ethernet and supplies power to the target either via debug interface or a USB A connector.

Production tools

Designed for ultra-fast and dependable mass production, our Flasher in-circuit programmers streamline the production process, saving time and resources.

Product highlight: Flasher Hub-12 – high-volume gang programming at maximum speed

The Flasher Hub-12 controls up to 24 Flasher Compact units serving as individual channels for parallel, high-speed gang programming. Each channel can be configured to program a different device or a different firmware image.

An interview from embedded world with SEGGER's Axel Wolf about Flasher-12 is available here on LinkedIn.

SEGGER’s tools in action

At the SEGGER booth, visitors could explore tools from all of these categories, including a range of engaging demos showcasing them in action. From a USB webcam demo to a display from a coffee machine created using SEGGER's emWin, these demonstrations offered insight into the versatility and functionality of SEGGER's products and how SEGGER's tools work together seamlessly to streamline development processes and enhance productivity.

One of the demos showcased a use case for emUSB-Host. emUSB-Host is a USB host software specifically designed for embedded systems, enabling USB peripherals to seamlessly interface with embedded devices. The demo illustrated an application that displays the video stream from a connected webcam on the display. The surrounding GUI elements are created using emWin AppWizard. This demo utilizes the video USB protocol, which is designed to facilitate communication with various video devices and is mainly used to communicate with webcams.

At three workstations, visitors were able to experience Embedded Studio – SEGGER's multi-platform IDE, Ozone – SEGGER’s full-featured graphical debugger for embedded applications, and SystemView – SEGGER's real-time software analysis tool that records the runtime behavior of an embedded system for in-depth analysis and visualization.

Additionally, there were many real-life applications on display that utilize SEGGER tools, providing specific examples of how our solutions are driving innovation and excellence in embedded systems development.


Our motto: It simply works

At SEGGER, simplicity and professionalism are at the heart of everything we do. Our motto, "It simply works," reflects our commitment to delivering products that are not only highly effective but also easy to use in complex, technical environments.

We also believe in practicing what we preach. That’s why our software drives our hardware, and our hardware ensures the integrity and efficiency of our software. This holistic approach fosters an in-house feedback loop where we serve as our own most demanding customer. By rigorously testing and refining our tools in our own projects, we ensure that we deliver nothing less than exceptional quality products to our customers.

So stay tuned for more news from SEGGER throughout this year and let’s meet at next year’s embedded world where you will be able to experience our new, high-quality tools live and in action.

See you at embedded world 2025!

Press & media

PR image: STM32CubeProgrammer and STM32CubeMonitor support SEGGER's J-Links

SEGGER announces that ST’s tools STM32CubeProgrammer and STM32CubeMonitor are now seamlessly integrated with SEGGER’s J-Link debug probes.

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PR graphic: J-Link supports ARTERY AT32 series

ARTERY and SEGGER announce that SEGGER's J-Link and J-Trace family of market-leading debug and trace probes, plus the Flasher family of in-circuit programmers, fully support the ARTERY AT32 MCUs, increasing the speed and efficiency of development and production.

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Title image ekey case study

Using several innovative SEGGER tools, Austrian company ekey offers a range of fingerprint scanners that provide keyless access to your home.

Discover the tools they use and the benefits they've achieved in our latest case study.

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Teaser image for blog post: J-Link PRO PoE powers the SEGGER test farm

In this blog post, we show you how easy it is to use our new J-Link PRO PoE to power a test farm.

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News graphic: emWin memory bitmaps

SEGGER has released a new version of emWin, the industry-leading embedded graphics library, which includes memory bitmaps, a new and fast way of handling images that are stored completely in RAM and based on memory devices.

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News graphic: BYK-Gardner Case Study

In our latest case study, we show you how SEGGER tools can help you focus on your core competencies. That's exactly what German company BYK-Gardner has done by moving from in-house to off-the-shelf software from SEGGER.

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