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emFile - Performance

emFile includes some benchmark code allowing users to measure the performance on certain targets. This benchmark is in no way complete, but it does give a good approximation of the length of time required for common file system operations on various targets.



Test results - Read and Write Speed Performance

Configuration and Performance Table

Target DeviceCPU SpeedStorage deviceWrite SpeedRead Speed
NXP LPC1857180 MHzSerial NAND flash1.3 Mbyte/sec3.0 Mbyte/sec
Atmel AT91SAM9G45384 MHzParallel NAND flash4.7 Mbyte/sec12.0 Mbyte/sec
NXP Kinetis K66168 MHzSD card in card mode3.6 Mbyte/sec11.1 Mbyte/sec
Renesas Synergy S7G2240 MHzSD card in card mode1.5 Mbyte/sec8.6 Mbyte/sec
Renesas RZA1H133 MHzQSPI NOR flash150 Kbyte/sec10.0 Mbyte/sec
ST STM32F7216 MHzQSPI NOR flash164 Kbyte/sec11.1 Mbyte/sec

Test procedure

Description of the Performance Tests

The performance tests are executed as described and in the order below. Performance test procedure:

  • Format the drive.
  • Create and open a file for writing.
  • Start measurement of write performance.
  • Write a multiple of 8 Kbytes.
  • Stop measurement of write performance.
  • Close the file
  • Reopen the file.
  • Start measurement of read performance.
  • Read a multiple of 8 Kbytes.
  • Stop measurement of read performance.
  • Close the file
  • Show the performance results.

The performance test can be easily reproduced by including the file FS_Performance.c (located in the Sample\API folder of your shipment) into your project. Just compile and run the project on your target hardware.