emControl IO—Digital IOs

  • General input and output
  • Variable IO level voltage
  • Target power supply
  • UART with up to 115.2 kBaud

emControl I/O

General purpose input / output module USB extension for rapid prototyping and embedded hardware testing.

The emControl I/O module comes with an easy to use software API. It allows reading and writing of the I/O pins separately or for the whole connector. In addition the module provides an UART interface with up to 115.200 bits/s.

The software API supports two modes: direct mode in which the commands are directly executed and a buffered mode. In that mode a sequence of commands can be programmed will be executed on software trigger. The software supports the usage of several parallel modules.

Connecting emControl I/O to the PC

Example Applications

USB connect test

  • Device Under Test (DUT) is connected behind a emControl I/O board to the host.
  • The host test program can switch on and off the DUT usint the emControl I/O board.
  • The host test program can simulate user actions like attach or detach the module to the host.
  • After the specified time the host test program can check if the enumeration has taken place and was successful.

Rapid prototyping: testing a new display

  • The developers can use a host PC simulation to .
  • The new hardware piece like a display can be connected to host PC before the original embedded hardware is available.


emControl I/O Specifications

Supply voltageVcc5.0V +/- 0.5
Typical current consumptionIcc typical1111A
Power Supply for targetVvar0, 0.9 to 5.5V (limited by Vcc)
Maximum current for targetIvar,max500mA
Input of target I/O reference voltageVsense0, 0.9 to 5.5V
Input / Output voltageVio0, 0.9 to 5.5V (limited by Vcc)
Resistors for pull up / pull downRpullapprox. 220k?

Package Content

emControl I/O

USB cable