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Embedded Studio for Cortex-M

Embedded Studio for Cortex-M offers support for the most widely used microcontrollers. Whether you use a Cortex-M based microcontroller in a small IoT enabled wearable or in a larger industrial design, Embedded Studio provides you with extensive CPU support and the most powerful development features.

  • Support for most commonly used microcontrollers
  • Cortex-M0, Cortex-M0+, Cortex-M1
  • Cortex-M3, Cortex-M4, Cortex-M7
  • Cortex-M23, Cortex-M33

Embedded Studio for Cortex-M is the subset licensing option of Embedded Studio for ARM. With one setup Embedded Studio supports development for any ARM based microcontroller, including Cortex-M, Cortex-A/R, and legacy ARM7/9/11 cores.

The Embedded Studio Cortex-M license entitles you to develop your applications for any Cortex-M0, Cortex-M0+, Cortex-M1, Cortex-M3, Cortex-M4, Cortex-M7, Cortex-M23, or Cortex-M33 based device. This covers the most commonly used ARM devices at a reduced price.