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Supported NOR Flashes

J-Flash and Flasher ARM can program external flash connected to any ARM7/9 microprocessor/microcontroller. Any combination of ARM CPU and external flash is supported if the flash chip is in the list below. All types of flash interfacing are supported: 1x8bit, 2x8bit, 4x8bit, 1x16bit, 2x16bit, 1x32bit. We are constantly adding new devices to this list. If the chip your are looking for is not yet on the list, please get in contact with us.

NameBus widthSize
Am29DL161DB162048 KB
Am29DL161DT162048 KB
Am29DL162DB162048 KB
Am29DL162DT162048 KB
Am29DL163DB162048 KB
Am29DL163DT162048 KB
Am29DL164DB162048 KB
Am29DL164DT162048 KB
Am29DL322DB/GB164096 KB
Am29DL322DT/GT164096 KB
Am29DL323DB/GB164096 KB
Am29DL323DT/GT164096 KB
Am29DL324DB/GB164096 KB
Am29DL324DT/GT164096 KB
Am29DL400BB16512 KB
Am29DL400BT16512 KB
Am29DL800BB161024 KB
Am29DL800BT161024 KB
Am29DS323DB164096 KB
Am29DS323DT164096 KB
Am29F100B16128 KB
Am29F100T16128 KB
Am29F400BB16512 KB
Am29F400BT16512 KB
Am29F800BB161024 KB
Am29F800BT161024 KB
Am29LV001BB8128 KB
Am29LV001BT8128 KB
Am29LV002BB8256 KB
Am29LV002BT8256 KB
Am29LV004BB8512 KB
Am29LV004BT8512 KB
Am29LV033C84096 KB
Am29LV033MU84096 KB
Am29LV065D88192 KB
Am29LV116DB82048 KB
Am29LV116DT82048 KB
Am29LV160BB162048 KB
Am29LV160BT162048 KB
Am29LV160DB162048 KB
Am29LV160DT162048 KB
Am29LV200BB16256 KB
Am29LV200BT16256 KB
Am29LV320DB164096 KB
Am29LV320DT164096 KB
Am29LV400BB16512 KB
Am29LV400BT16512 KB
Am29LV640D168192 KB
Am29LV641D168192 KB
Am29LV800BB161024 KB
Am29LV800BT161024 KB
Am29SL800DB161024 KB
Am29SL800DT161024 KB
A29L400B16512 KB
A29L400T16512 KB
AT29BV010A8128 KB
AT29BV0208256 KB
AT29BV0408512 KB
AT29BV040A8512 KB
AT29C010A8128 KB
AT29C0208256 KB
AT29C0408512 KB
AT29C040A8512 KB
AT29C102416128 KB
AT29C256832 KB
AT29C257832 KB
AT29C512864 KB
AT29LV010A8128 KB
AT29LV0208256 KB
AT29LV0408512 KB
AT29LV040A8512 KB
AT29LV102416128 KB
AT29LV256832 KB
AT29LV512864 KB
AT49BN6416168192 KB
AT49BN6416T168192 KB
AT49BV001A8128 KB
AT49BV001AN8128 KB
AT49BV001ANT8128 KB
AT49BV001AT8128 KB
AT49BV0028256 KB
AT49BV002A8256 KB
AT49BV002AN8256 KB
AT49BV002ANT8256 KB
AT49BV002AT8256 KB
AT49BV002N8256 KB
AT49BV002NT8256 KB
AT49BV002T8256 KB
AT49BV0408512 KB
AT49BV040A8512 KB
AT49BV1024A16128 KB
AT49BV1604162048 KB
AT49BV1604A162048 KB
AT49BV1604AT162048 KB
AT49BV1604T162048 KB
AT49BV160C162048 KB
AT49BV160CT162048 KB
AT49BV160D162048 KB
AT49BV160DT162048 KB
AT49BV1614162048 KB
AT49BV1614A162048 KB
AT49BV1614AT162048 KB
AT49BV1614T162048 KB
AT49BV162A162048 KB
AT49BV162AT162048 KB
AT49BV163D162048 KB
AT49BV163DT162048 KB
AT49BV2048A16256 KB
AT49BV320C164096 KB
AT49BV320CT164096 KB
AT49BV320D164096 KB
AT49BV320DT164096 KB
AT49BV322A164096 KB
AT49BV322AT164096 KB
AT49BV322D164096 KB
AT49BV322DT164096 KB
AT49BV4096A16512 KB
AT49BV512864 KB
AT49BV640168192 KB
AT49BV640D168192 KB
AT49BV640DT168192 KB
AT49BV640T168192 KB
AT49BV6416168192 KB
AT49BV6416T168192 KB
AT49BV642D168192 KB
AT49BV642DT168192 KB
AT49BV802A161024 KB
AT49BV802AT161024 KB
AT49F001A8128 KB
AT49F001AN8128 KB
AT49F001ANT8128 KB
AT49F001AT8128 KB
AT49F002A8256 KB
AT49F002AN8256 KB
AT49F002ANT8256 KB
AT49F002AT8256 KB
AT49F040A8512 KB
AT49F102416128 KB
AT49F1024A16128 KB
AT49F102516128 KB
AT49F2048A16256 KB
AT49F4096A16512 KB
AT49F512864 KB
AT49LV0028256 KB
AT49LV002N8256 KB
AT49LV002NT8256 KB
AT49LV002T8256 KB
AT49LV0408512 KB
AT49LV102416128 KB
AT49LV1024A16128 KB
AT49LV1614A162048 KB
AT49LV1614AT162048 KB
AT49LV2048A16256 KB
AT49LV4096A16512 KB
AT49SN3208164096 KB
AT49SN3208T164096 KB
AT49SN6416168192 KB
AT49SN6416T168192 KB
AT49SV322A164096 KB
AT49SV322AT164096 KB
AT49SV802A161024 KB
AT49SV802AT161024 KB
LH28F640BFHE-PBTL (x2)1616384 KB
LH28F128BFHED1616384 KB
EN29PL032164096 KB
EN29PL064168192 KB
EN29LV800BB161024 KB
EN29LV800BT161024 KB
EN29LV800CB161024 KB
EN29LV800CT161024 KB
EN29LV160BB162048 KB
EN29LV160BT162048 KB
EN71PL032164096 KB
MBM29DL322BE/BD164096 KB
MBM29DL322TE/TD164096 KB
MBM29LV650U168192 KB
MBM29LV160B162048 KB
MBM29LV160T162048 KB
28F004B3B8512 KB
28F004B3T8512 KB
28F008B3B81024 KB
28F008B3T81024 KB
28F016B3B82048 KB
28F016B3T82048 KB
28F128J31616384 KB
28F128K181616384 KB
28F128K31616384 KB
28F128P30B1616384 KB
28F128P30T1616384 KB
28F128P33B1616384 KB
28F128P33T1616384 KB
28F128W18B1616384 KB
28F128W18T1616384 KB
28F160B3B162048 KB
28F160B3T162048 KB
28F160C3B162048 KB
28F160C3T162048 KB
28F256J31632768 KB
28F256K181632768 KB
28F256K31632768 KB
28F256P30B1632768 KB
28F256P30T1632768 KB
28F256P33B1632768 KB
28F256P33T1632768 KB
28F320B3B164096 KB
28F320B3T164096 KB
28F320C3B164096 KB
28F320C3T164096 KB
28F320J3164096 KB
28F320W18B164096 KB
28F320W18T164096 KB
28F400B3B16512 KB
28F400B3T16512 KB
28F640B3B168192 KB
28F640B3T168192 KB
28F640C3B168192 KB
28F640C3T168192 KB
28F640J3168192 KB
28F640K18168192 KB
28F640K3168192 KB
28F640P30B168192 KB
28F640P30T168192 KB
28F640P33B168192 KB
28F640P33T168192 KB
28F640W18B168192 KB
28F640W18T168192 KB
28F800B3B161024 KB
28F800B3T161024 KB
28F800C3B161024 KB
28F800C3T161024 KB
MX29LV0408512 KB
MX29GL128EL1616384 KB
MX29GL128EH1616384 KB
MX29GL256EL1632768 KB
MX29GL256EH1632768 KB
MX29L1611162048 KB
MX29LV128DB1616384 KB
MX29LV128DT1616384 KB
MX29LV128E1632768 KB
MX29LV160CB162048 KB
MX29LV160CT162048 KB
MX29LV160CB162048 KB
MX29LV160CT162048 KB
MX29LV256E1616384 KB
MX29LV320AB164096 KB
MX29LV320AT164096 KB
MX29LV320DB164096 KB
MX29LV320DT164096 KB
MX29LV400CB16512 KB
MX29LV400CT16512 KB
MX29LV640EB168192 KB
MX29LV640ET168192 KB
MX29LV800CB161024 KB
MX29LV800CT161024 KB
M29W128GL1616384 KB
M29W128GH1616384 KB
M29W256GL1632768 KB
M29W256GH1632768 KB
M29W320EB164096 KB
M29W320ET164096 KB
M29W640GH168192 KB
M29W640GL168192 KB
M29W640GB168192 KB
M29W640GT168192 KB
M58WR016KB160 KB
M58WR016KT160 KB
M58WR032KB160 KB
M58WR032KT160 KB
M58WR064KB160 KB
M58WR064KT160 KB
K8P6415UQB168192 KB
LH28F128BFHED (Bank0)168192 KB
LH28F128BFHED (Bank1)168192 KB
LH28F128BFHT1616384 KB
LH28F128SPHTD1616384 KB
LH28F640BFHE-PBTL168192 KB
LH28F640BFHE-PTTL168192 KB
LH28F640BFHG-PBTL168192 KB
LH28F640BFHG-PTTL168192 KB
LH28F800BJHE-PBTL161024 KB
LH28F800BJE-PTTL161024 KB
LHF00L29162048 KB
Sirona 2x16162048 KB
S29AL008Jxxxxx01161024 KB
S29AL008Jxxxxx02161024 KB
S29AL008Dxxxxxx1161024 KB
S29AL008Dxxxxxx2161024 KB
S29AL016Dxxxxxx1162048 KB
S29AL016Dxxxxxx2162048 KB
S29AL016Jxxxxxx1162048 KB
S29AL016Jxxxxxx2162048 KB
S29AL016Jxxxxxx3162048 KB
S29AL016Jxxxxxx4162048 KB
S29AL032Dxxxxxx0164096 KB
S29AL032Dxxxxxx3164096 KB
S29AL032Dxxxxxx4164096 KB
S29GL01GP16131072 KB
S29GL032AxR1164096 KB
S29GL032AxR2164096 KB
S29GL032AxR3164096 KB
S29GL032AxR4164096 KB
S29GL032AxW3164096 KB
S29GL032AxW4164096 KB
S29GL032MxR084096 KB
S29GL032MxR1164096 KB
S29GL032MxR2164096 KB
S29GL032MxR3164096 KB
S29GL032MxR4164096 KB
S29GL032MxR5164096 KB
S29GL032MxR6164096 KB
S29GL032Nxxxxx01164096 KB
S29GL032Nxxxxx02164096 KB
S29GL032Nxxxxx03164096 KB
S29GL032Nxxxxx04164096 KB
S29GL032NxxxxxV1164096 KB
S29GL032NxxxxxV2164096 KB
S29GL064MxR088192 KB
S29GL064MxR1168192 KB
S29GL064MxR2168192 KB
S29GL064MxR3168192 KB
S29GL064MxR4168192 KB
S29GL064MxR5168192 KB
S29GL064MxR6168192 KB
S29GL064MxR7168192 KB
S29GL064MxR8168192 KB
S29GL064MxR9168192 KB
S29GL064Nxxxxx01168192 KB
S29GL064Nxxxxx02168192 KB
S29GL064Nxxxxx03168192 KB
S29GL064Nxxxxx04168192 KB
S29GL064Nxxxxx06168192 KB
S29GL064Nxxxxx07168192 KB
S29GL064NxxxxxV1168192 KB
S29GL064NxxxxxV2168192 KB
S29GL064NxxxxxV6168192 KB
S29GL064NxxxxxV7168192 KB
S29GL128M1616384 KB
S29GL128N1616384 KB
S29GL128P1616384 KB
S29GL256M1632768 KB
S29GL256N1632768 KB
S29GL256P1632768 KB
S29GL512N1665536 KB
S29GL512P1665536 KB
S29JL032Hxxxxxx1164096 KB
S29JL032Hxxxxxx2164096 KB
S29JL064Hxxxxx00168192 KB
S29PL032J164096 KB
S29PL064J168192 KB
S29PL127J1616384 KB
S29WS064J168192 KB
S29WS128J1616384 KB
S29WS128N1616384 KB
S29WS256N1632768 KB
S29WS128P1616384 KB
S29WS256P1632768 KB
S29WS512P1665536 KB
S71PL032J164096 KB
S71PL064J168192 KB
S71PL127J1616384 KB
SST36VF3203164096 KB
SST36VF3204164096 KB
SST39LF200A16256 KB
SST39LF400A16512 KB
SST39LF800A161024 KB
SST39LF160162048 KB
SST39VF160162048 KB
SST39VF1601162048 KB
SST39VF1602162048 KB
SST39VF200A16256 KB
SST39VF3201164096 KB
SST39VF3202164096 KB
SST39VF400A16512 KB
SST39VF6401168192 KB
SST39VF6401B168192 KB
SST39VF6402168192 KB
SST39VF6402B168192 KB
SST39VF800A161024 KB
M28W320FCB164096 KB
M28W320FCT164096 KB
M28W320FSB164096 KB
M28W320FST164096 KB
M28W640ECB168192 KB
M28W640ECT168192 KB
M28W640FCB168192 KB
M28W640FCT168192 KB
M28W640FSB168192 KB
M28W640FST168192 KB
M29DW128F1616384 KB
M29DW323DB164096 KB
M29DW323DT164096 KB
M29DW324DB164096 KB
M29DW324DT164096 KB
M29DW640D168192 KB
M29DW641F168192 KB
M29W128FH1616384 KB
M29W128FL1616384 KB
M29W160DB162048 KB
M29W160DT162048 KB
M29W160EB162048 KB
M29W160ET162048 KB
M29W200BB16256 KB
M29W200BT16256 KB
M29W320DB164096 KB
M29W320DT164096 KB
M29W320EB164096 KB
M29W320ET164096 KB
M29W400BB16512 KB
M29W400BT16512 KB
M29W400DB16512 KB
M29W400DT16512 KB
M29W640DB168192 KB
M29W640DT168192 KB
M29W640FB168192 KB
M29W640FT168192 KB
M29W800DB161024 KB
M29W800DT161024 KB
M36W0R5040B5164096 KB
M36W0R5040T5164096 KB
M36W0R6040B1168192 KB
M36W0R6040B3168192 KB
M36W0R6040T1168192 KB
M36W0R6040T3168192 KB
M36W0R6050B3168192 KB
M36W0R6050T3168192 KB
M58WR016KB162048 KB
M58WR016KT162048 KB
M58WR032KB164096 KB
M58WR032KT164096 KB
M58WR064HB168192 KB
M58WR064HT168192 KB
M58WR064KB168192 KB
M58WR064KT168192 KB
M58LW064D168192 KB
TC58FVB160162048 KB
TC58FVT160162048 KB