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2009 |
Sep. 17
J-Link, Press Releases 2009
J-Link flash download available for free

SEGGER makes J-Link flash download available for free

SEGGER Microcontroller today announced the free availability of the flash download option for J-Link. The feature is free with J-Link software version 4.08l, available now.

The flash download option is a collection of optimized flash loaders allowing the user to easily and very quickly download into flash of the supported microcontroller directly from the debugger in the same way as downloading to RAM. Taking full advantage of J-Link’s high download speeds up to 720kB/s into RAM, it allows programming the flash of most common microcontroller very quickly. Flash sectors which already contain the correct data do not have to be reprogrammed; a fast 32-bit CRC algorithm can be used for verification, making the flash download process feel as fast as a download to RAM.

“We have the fastest flash loader on the market. Adding this option for free adds significant value to our J-Link”, says Dirk Akemann, marketing manager at SEGGER.

Furthermore SEGGER restructures their J-Link-bundle-offerings adding the new “J-Link ARM Pro bundle” to its portfolio. The bundle includes a J-Link ARM with licenses for RDI/GDB-server, FlashBP (unlimited breakpoints in flash memory) and J-Flash at a reasonable price of 698,- Euro.

Full product specifications are available at:

The J-Link-Software is available at: