What's Happening at SEGGER?

2011 |
Aug. 29
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NAND Flash

SEGGER introduces new “NAND-Flash EVAL” and Test Board

SEGGER Microcontroller has introduced a new tool for engineers to evaluate and test SEGGER’s NAND flash driver as well as the USB stack (emUSB) and the embedded file system (emFile) with various NAND flash memory to find the perfect fit for their upcoming project. The NAND-Flash EVAL board is equipped with a 48-pin TSOP socket for standard NAND flash memory and an Atmel® SAM3U ARM-based microcontroller (MCU). The MCU is preprogrammed with an application that automatically formats an unformatted NAND flash memory and runs a performance test. Afterwards the board behaves like a USB memory stick.

The engineer can use the board to test different flash memory and select the silicon he needs for his application without soldering or code creation. Of course the board also allows testing of custom code.

The SEGGER emFile NAND-driver is optimized for very high performance using minimum amount of RAM. With this hardware and the flash memory delivered with it. Write performance is 4.2 MB/s, read performance is 6.4 MB/s. The driver protects data from an unexpected reset, and uses wear-leveling to maximize the life of the NAND flash memory.

The software running on the NAND-Flash EVAL is delivered as a binary image for easy evaluation. This software is also included as a full development project for further modification and testing. The application layer of the project is left in source form and library evaluation versions of emFile, which include; the high performance NAND-driver, emUSB-Device with MSD class, and the extremely fast SEGGER embOS (RTOS). The engineer can program the NAND-Flash EVAL via USB or via JTAG/SWD debug interface. This permits the engineer to create and run their own applications on the board. The standard debug interface is accessible by a debug emulator such as the industry leading SEGGER J-Link (sold separately).

The Atmel SAM3U is based on the industry-standard ARM® Cortex™-M3 core. The MCU offers very high system-level integration, including an on-chip high-speed USB Device Controller with transceiver, PLL and NAND flash interface. The high level of integration in the Atmel SAM3U enabled SEGGER to build the NAND-Flash EVAL board as a two-chip system.

“The NAND-Flash EVAL board is a unique and efficient way to test and verify design decisions for software and hardware at very early stages of your development projects”, says Dirk Akemann, Marketing Manager at SEGGER.

emFile is available as full ANSI "C" source code and is offered under multiple licensing models all without royalties. Full product specifications and an emFile trial version are available at: