2021 |
Aug. 09
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SEGGER Flasher Hub – High speed ISP gang-programming for mass production

SEGGER's Flasher Hub controls up to 24 Flasher Compacts serving as individual channels for parallel, high-speed gang programming. Each channel can be configured to program a different device with a different firmware image.

All programming interfaces and flash memories supported by the connected Flasher Compacts can also be used and controlled via the Flasher Hub.

Using SEGGER's "almost-anything programmer" Flasher Compact the Flasher Hub benefits from the extensive list of supported Flash memories and interfaces and the ultra-fast programming algorithms.

SEGGER's Flasher Hub setup only requires configuration and programming data once per channel using the supplied software and documentation package. It can be controlled either from a PC using SEGGER's cross-platform J-Flash software, web browser or FTP client, or without a PC — e.g. from Automated Test Equipment (ATE) — using TELNET, FTP, or HTTP protocol. The number of available truly parallel channels in combination of SEGGER's Flasher Hub with multiple Flasher Compacts is the ideal solution for mass production. Each product can be assigned individual serial numbers and patches such as MAC-addresses or licenses for individual features.

The USB connection between Flasher Hub and Flasher Compact enables the shortest possible distance between programming target and the Flasher. The short distance increases signal quality and contributes to production throughput.

Licenses for all programming algorithms are included.

For more information on SEGGER’s Flasher Hub and Flasher Compact, please visit: