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2011 |
Sep. 26
J-Link, Press Releases 2011

SEGGER Discontinues IAR Branded J-Links

SEGGER Microcontroller the developer and manufacturer of the embedded industry's most popular emulator, the J-Link, today announced that the IAR Branded J-Links (in yellow housing) will be discontinued. SEGGER will continue to work with IAR to ensure optimal J-Link support from the IAR Embedded Workbench.

IAR recently announced their decision to acquire Signum. This presents IAR with the option to sell one of two competing products: Their Signum emulator or the IAR branded version of the SEGGER J-Link. SEGGER feels that IAR's motivation will be to promote their newly acquired emulators rather than the proven J-Link, potentially damaging the excellent reputation the J-link and J-Trace have in the market.

"This acquisition took us by surprise. We regret that we have to do this, but we feel forced to discontinue production of IAR branded yellow J-Links. We hope that IAR understands the decision and expect that they will continue to fully support the broad base of J-Link users with the Embedded Workbench.", said Rolf Segger, founder and CTO at SEGGER.

"We believe that the J-Link product family is the most advanced emulator family available. It's popularity allows us to offer it at very reasonable prices, and it is widely used for software development in the commercial and educational market spaces, as well as for production flash programming. Anyone desiring the discontinued IAR J-Link, may acquire the original SEGGER J-Link.", said Ivo Geilenbrügge, managing director at SEGGER.

Built-in firmware intelligence provides a strong connection with your end device while performing at very high speeds. It also facilitates advanced features such as unlimited Flash Breakpoints, Power Debugging, and full SWD/SWO support. With the J-Links competitive pricing, wide target support, incredible speed, stability, and versatility, J-Link is second to none.

The SEGGER J-Link is the industry-standard for ARM debug emulators, supported by all major tool chains for ARM cores. The SEGGER J-Link is independent and will work with IDEs from: Freescale, IAR, KEIL, Mentor Graphics, Rowley, Renesas, Tasking, Phyton and others. In addition to those listed above; any RDI compliant debugger can be used with the optional RDI module, and any GDB compliant debugger with the free GDB-Server. Therefore; as projects change a different compiler/debugger might become necessary. With the J-Link family investments (monetary and learning curve) in development/production tools are preserved. Setup of a J-Link is done in mere minutes.

J-Link supports multiple CPU families, such as ARM 7/9/11, Cortex-M0,M1,M3,M4,R4,A5,A8,A9, Renesas RX in a single model; there is typically no need to buy a new J-Link or new license when switching to a different CPU family. SEGGER is also continuously adding support for additional cores, which in most cases, only requires a software/firmware update. Unlimited free updates are included with even the baseline model of the J-Link. SEGGER is excited to continue advanced development of its cutting edge embedded tool solutions to be utilized with the IAR IDE, or any other development environment you choose.

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