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2019 |
Feb. 25
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SEGGER PR - Remote Server

SEGGER adds Secure Remote Access to J-Link

New release provides authentication and the option to use a customer operated tunnel server

J-Link Remote Server is a proven way to debug. Customers have been using it for years to debug target systems thousands of miles away, even behind firewalls.

It can provide early, shared, access to anew device, such as silicon sitting on distant hardware, where physical shipment is not feasible. It can be used to debug target systems that are at customer's facilities, should the need arise, and distributed teams can make effective use of scarce hardware. Cloud-based development systems can debug a target system on the developer's desk. The same applies to SEGGER flash programmers. Flashers in use far away can be controlled, monitored and updated.

The newly released version allows access to a J-Link by a name chosen by the user (versus serial number only) and has password protection using challenge-response, ensuring the password is never visible on the wire and thus cannot be sniffed. Replay attacks are prevented.

The default tunnel server is operated by SEGGER which can, and does, handle thousands of connections simultaneously, completely free for J-Link users.

There is now also the option to use a customer-operated tunnel server. This is targeted primarily at large corporations that often have a policy requiring communication to only use private infrastructure.

The Remote Server software is included in the "J-Link Software and Documentation Package", free with any model J-Link or J-Trace.

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