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2019 |
Jun. 11
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emUSB-Host Audio

SEGGER adds audio to emUSB-Host

SEGGER introduces audio class support for emUSB-Host. Embedded Systems with a USB Host interface can now fully utilize audio devices such as microphones, speakers, headphones, conferencing systems, or USB-to-audio adapters. This makes a USB Host interface even more valuable in an Embedded System. Like all other supported device classes, Audio is added to emUSB-Host at run time, keeping the memory footprint to a minimum, by only adding the code to the system as desired.

“Today's microcontrollers have become so powerful they can handle audio as a side task. With emUSB-Host, a simple and inexpensive USB Host connection is all it takes to add audio capabilities. This can be used in multiple ways especially to enhance the user experience” says Dirk Akemann, Marketing Manager at SEGGER. “emUSB-Host now makes the use of high quality digital audio devices with embedded systems easy.”

SEGGER's emUSB-Host is a software providing PC-like plug and play support to embedded systems similar to desktop computers. Whether a memory stick, keyboard, mouse, microphone, speaker or network connection needs to be added, it can easily be done with emUSB-Host software. Multiple devices can be connected at the same time. emUSB-Host also supports USB-Hubs.

For more information on emUSB-Host audio support, please go to:

For more information on emUSB-Host, please go to: