What's Happening at SEGGER?

2023 |
Sep. 07
Embedded Studio, Press Releases
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SEGGER Embedded Studio projects provided by Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH ("Toshiba"), ready-to-run

For its M4K group of MCU’s, Toshiba now supplies example and foundation projects for SEGGER’s Embedded Studio.

The software package has everything a developer needs for MCU peripherals. Essential drivers and example code enable a quick start and fast completion for new projects. The package includes low-level drivers, with well-defined API, plus examples for all on-chip peripherals.

The M4K and M4G MCUs are based on the Arm® Cortex®-M4 core with floating-point unit, operating up to 160MHz. Variants are also available.

The Embedded Studio all-in-one IDE for embedded systems comes with SEGGER’s emRun runtime library, which includes the emFloat floating-point library. emFloat is highly customized and ideally suited to a core with a floating-point unit.

Used in combination with SEGGER's smart Linker and the Clang-based, highly-optimizing C/C++ SEGGER Compiler, extremely small yet efficient programs can be generated, putting every byte to work.

Embedded Studio is available on all platforms (Linux, macOS, and Windows) on Arm, Intel, and Apple Silicon. It can be quickly and easily evaluated, with no need for a license key and no time limit.

“This latest collaborative effort, offering out-of-box software projects for Toshiba’s new M4K and M4G group of MCUs, increases the end customer’s ability to get started immediately, as well as their access to the best tools on the market,” says Dirk Akemann, Marketing Manager at SEGGER

"We are happy that SEGGER’s Embedded Studio can be easily used for our MCUs,” says Reiner Teroerde, Application Manager at Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH. “The long-standing cooperation between SEGGER and Toshiba has, once again, produced an excellent benefit for our customers.”

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