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2023 |
Aug. 03
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Embedded Studio for SemiDrive

SEGGER Embedded Studio now available free of charge to SemiDrive customers

As part of an ongoing partnership between SEGGER and SemiDrive, SEGGER’s Embedded Studio is now available free of charge for SemiDrive’s customers using SemiDrive Cortex-R/M-based microcontrollers.

SemiDrive is a leading automotive chip company in China. SemiDrive’s products are installed in a range of vehicles covering over 90% of auto manufacturers in China.

SEGGER Microcontroller, now in its fourth decade in the embedded system industry, is the developer of Embedded Studio, which is a professional IDE for code development on Arm and RISC-V. Embedded Studio is used extensively by tens of thousands of embedded software developers and by the Embedded Experts at SEGGER, ensuring the highest level of quality and usability.

“We are very pleased to provide SEGGER’s professional embedded development tools to our customers, free of charge,” says SUN Mingle, CTO of SemiDrive. “In terms of efficiency, performance, and ease of use, using Embedded Studio significantly accelerates the process of mass production. SemiDrive has always been committed to creating a comprehensive ecosystem, working with partners to provide customers with professional services, and SEGGER’s Embedded Studio is a perfect fit for this model.”

“We are excited to partner with SemiDrive in offering Embedded Studio to its customers,“ says Ivo Geilenbruegge, Managing Director of SEGGER. “SemiDrive prides itself on high performance, strong reliability, and high security - all features that are also a strong focus for SEGGER. We look forward to seeing SemiDrive and its customers strive!”


SemiDrive is a leading automotive chip company in China that provides high-performance and highly reliable automotive-grade chips, including intelligent cockpit series, intelligent driving series, central gateway series, and high-performance MCU series.

All products of SemiDrive are currently in mass production and installed in vehicles for mass production projects, covering over 90% of auto manufacturers in China.

SemiDrive has obtained automotive-grade certifications including ISO 26262 functional safety certification, AEC-Q100, and the State cryptography certification. 

SemiDrive E3 Series and D series

SemiDrive’s high-performance E3 series MCU product, launched in April 2022, features a CPU with a clock speed of up to 800MHz and up to 6 CPU cores. It can be widely applied in various fields, including chassis control, brake control, BMS, ADAS/autonomous driving motion control, virtual cluster, HUD, CMS systems, and more. The E3 series complies with the AEC-Q100 Grade 1 standard for automotive reliability and ASIL D functional safety level, and has obtained National Cryptography Level 2 certification. Currently, there are over 100 customers using the E3 series for product design, including Guangzhou Automobile Group (GAC) and Geely, among others.

SemiDrive’s D series industrial chips are high-reliability, high-security, high real-time, and high-performance, designed for advanced industrial applications such as a new generation of electric power intelligent equipment, industrial Internet equipment, industrial control equipment, industrial robots, engineering machinery and rail transit traffic.

About Embedded Studio

Embedded Studio is a multi-platform IDE (Integrated Development Environment) from SEGGER Microcontroller. Characterized by its flexibility of use, it includes all the tools & features a developer needs for professional embedded C and C++ programming & development.

It comes with a powerful project manager and source code editor. The editor is quick to start up and the build process is blazingly fast, saving precious working hours. It also includes SEGGER’s highly optimized emRun runtime and emFloat floating-point libraries, as well as SEGGER's smart Linker, all of which have been developed from the ground up specifically for resource-constrained embedded systems.

In combination with the Clang-based, highly optimizing C/C++ SEGGER Compiler, extremely small yet efficient programs can be generated, putting every byte to work.

The built-in debugger leaves nothing to be desired. Fully integrated with J-Link, it delivers great performance and stability.

Embedded Studio is available for unlimited evaluation, and for educational and non-commercial purposes, free of charge, with no restrictions in terms of code size, features, or duration of use.

It is used extensively at SEGGER internally and is continuously updated and enhanced.

More information is available at