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2016 |
Mar. 29
embOS, Press Releases 2016

embOS for MicroEJ: Opening embedded systems to Java programming

SEGGER’s real time operating system embOS is now supporting MicroEJ’s platform, thus opening the world of ARM Cortex-M based embedded applications to Java developers.

The package provides a complete Java platform, including a Virtual Machine and other components. The virtual machine is a 32-bit processor that manages the Java threads. It is executed as a task controlled by SEGGER's embOS kernel, thereby combining all advantages of both ANSI-C and Java languages on a single embedded target.
Developers can focus on their Java applications and do not need to have any deeper knowledge of ANSI-C.
“We are very happy to be able to leverage the usability of embOS to Java users, and thereby giving them the opportunity to produce embedded applications in an economically viable way,” says Dirk Akemann, Partnership Marketing Manager of SEGGER. “A further group of developers can now profit from our high-performance RTOS with zero interrupt latency which has been optimized for the limited resources of microcontrollers.”
“MicroEJ aims at offering developers a unified multi-language programming platform for microcontroller-based systems on a rich variety of hardware and software foundations,” said Fred Rivard, CEO of MicroEJ. “We’re happy to offer our MicroEJ platform to embOS developers, combining the predictive behavior and precision of SEGGER’s RTOS with the ease of programming and portability of our platform.”
Further information about support of SEGGER's RTOS embOS for the MicroEJ Platform can be found here:

About embOS
embOS is a high-performance real time OS that has been optimized for minimum memory consumption in both RAM and ROM, as well as high speed and versatility. It supports fully nested interrupts for zero interrupt latency. embOS is a priority-controlled multi-tasking system, designed as an embedded operating system for real-time applications for all popular CPUs. It provides a migration path with identical APIs across all platforms.
embOS is available as full source code and comes with a simple licensing model without royalties. Full product specifications and a trial version are available at: