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emLoad Downloads

emLoad is SEGGER's bootloader for in-field firmware updates. emLoad allows straightforward updates of embedded applications via differnet interfaces such as USB sticks, SD cards or wired connections such as USB or UART.

Our downloads are protected and signed with SEGGER emSecure!

More information about signed downloads, how signatures are created and how easy downloaded files can be verified.

emLoad V4 User Manual (UM04002)
md5: bad6a676699d62fc7793e43029476e3e
emSecure Digital Signature
V4.06 Rev2
437 KB 
emLoad V3 User Manual (UM04001)
md5: 9f95e0d484768e9646e4da7c0efe6291
emSecure Digital Signature
V3.14 Rev. 0
608 KB 

MS-Windows Bootloader program HexLoad.exe for emLoad V3
md5: 24cf43605979d749d7f6abe34ea79cb1
emSecure Digital Signature
82 KB