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emLib Downloads

emLib is a collection of software modules for different purposes. It currently includes AES and DES encryption as well as CRC. The software is designed for portability to any device. The modules can be used in PC applications, as well as on embedded target devices.

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emLib Manual (UM12001)
md5: b63980ec0c43142307bf1a2e3ef02bba
emSecure Digital Signature
V1.00 Rev. 2
358 KB 
emLib CRC Manual (UM12003)
md5: 3649f75001b7c5cf28437261039115b2
emSecure Digital Signature
V1.00 Rev. 2
224 KB 

emLib AES sample applications
md5: 6e84f19b51e4c4609f7195971e7c3b64
emSecure Digital Signature
95 KB 
emLib CRC sample applications
md5: 4067ca670f82e5321319b5658bd25847
emSecure Digital Signature
58 KB 
emLib DES sample applications
md5: ec1137b7b95a7220ba1224357382a656
emSecure Digital Signature
40 KB 
emLib ECC sample applications
md5: 05131738b3c4a7f196da3c34abd2e702
emSecure Digital Signature
149 KB