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emFile is a file system for embedded applications which can be used on any media, for which you can provide basic hardware access functions. emFile is a high performance library that has been optimized for minimum memory consumption in RAM and ROM, high speed and versatility. It is written in ANSI C and can be used on any CPU.

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emFile User Manual (UM02001)
md5: 53b91c44fc2aeab4ebf51460ea8ae61e
emSecure Digital Signature
V4.04c Rev.3
3,371 KB 
emFile NAND Image Creator User Manual (UM02003)
md5: 1ccf4f0431858e43865b5d26fb5b2355
emSecure Digital Signature
V1.03 Rev. 0
257 KB 
emFile NOR Image Creator User Manual (UM02002)
md5: b3ad66ea9f1122cbb6316ef7b3f356ed
emSecure Digital Signature
V1.15 Rev. 2
232 KB 

emFile trial version
md5: 820a80474fd95968b737d6e70069199b
emSecure Digital Signature
3,094 KB 
md5: 875486dd0c17a3a8fbe16adae0fc551d
emSecure Digital Signature
3,072 KB 
md5: 8d175332d9fb1f66347c4aaf173676e4
emSecure Digital Signature
3,055 KB 
md5: ad890a6deedfb46ab11a0de599e8acc2
emSecure Digital Signature
2,984 KB 
emFile NAND Flash eval software for IARv6
md5: d35cb0a76e79a15c469b4bf396c985da
emSecure Digital Signature
9,384 KB 
emFile is part of many BSPs which are available for most of our eval boards.
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