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Crypto Library Hardware Acceleration: LPC18S and LPC43S

The LPC18Sxx and LPC43Sxx microcontrollers provide an AES-128 hardware accelerator.

The SEGGER crypto library has specialized hardware-assisted ciphering support

The following cryptographic algorithms using the LPC18S and LPC43S:

  • AES-128 in ECB and CBC modes.

All other AES-128 cipher modes (e.g. AES-GCM and AES-CCM) use hardware-assisted ciphering of individual blocks with software managing the cipher mode.

AES Performance Benchmarks

Cipher Mode Software Performance Hardware PerformanceSpeedup
AES-128-ECB Encrypt 2.38 MB/s 3.07 MB/sx1.3!CALCULATE_BAR_1_2!
AES-128-CBC Encrypt 2.00 MB/s 22.44 MB/s x11.2!CALCULATE_BAR_1_2!
AES-128-ECB Decrypt 2.46 MB/s 3.10 MB/s x1.3!CALCULATE_BAR_1_2!
AES-128-CBC Decrypt 1.97 MB/s 22.19 MB/s x11.3!CALCULATE_BAR_1_2!