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embedded world conference & exhibition 2022

Nuremberg, Germany June 21 - 23, 2022

We invite you to experience SEGGER solutions at this event and look forward to welcoming you at our booth 4-278.

Please contact us to receive your free ticket.

Product highlights


embOS-Ultra uses Cycle-resolution Timing to offer greater precision and time resolution than any other RTOS on the market. 


emRun++ is a complete C++ standard library for use with any toolchain. It is specifically optimised for embedded systems and applications.


emCompress-PRO includes all compression and decompression codecs in source code, which enables usage in any host application and in any embe­dded firmware.

Embedded Studio

Embedded Studio is the all-in-one solution for managing, building, testing, and deploying embedded applications.


Flashers, a product family of professional in-circuit programmers, are designed to be used in service environments, prototype programming, and for mass production.

Live presentations

Chip-pivoting strategies to mitigate the consequences of supply chain interruptions

This presentation describes the system architecture of CAREL's c.pCO controllers, chip-pivoting strategies, the process of redesigning with a new MCU, and the use of SEGGER's emPower OS to make the application independent of the underlying hardware.

embedded world Conference 2022 | June 22, 14:15-14:45
Speakers:  Andrea Cattani, CAREL Industries & Johannes Lask, SEGGER

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Providing smartphone-like user interaction on any embedded device

With SEGGER’s AppWizard and sophisticated graphics library emWin, it’s possible to implement high-end user guidances on touch displays without having to program a line of code. In this presentation you will be introduced to the most outstanding features of emWin.

electronic displays Conference 2022 | June 23, 11:40-12:00
Speaker:  Axel Wolf, SEGGER

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SEGGER introduces emCompress-PRO software

emCompress-PRO, a new all-in-one compression software from SEGGER, comes with all industry standard compression algorithms. The software is designed to handle any compression task in any application, fulfilling requirements such as low memory usage, high speed and on-the-fly processing.

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Securing embedded systems with digital signatures: The basics

Securing an embedded system is incredibly important and having a digital signature plays a crucial role in that. A digital signature confirms that a specific piece of information is from a specific organization (i.e. the one with the private key as described below) and has not been modified.

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AppWizard Tutorial — Slider Object

In a series of tutorials, each widget of the award-winning AppWizard will be introduced. This video shows how to create a Slider Object.

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AppWizard — Switch Object

Learn how to create Switch Objects with the SEGGER emWin AppWizard.

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