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2020 |
Nov. 24
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SEGGER’s SystemView now available under Friendly Licensing

SEGGER’s SystemView is now available under Friendly Licensing, making the important task of Embedded Systems verification accessible to everyone.

SystemView reveals the true runtime behavior of an application: Developers can make sure that a system performs as designed. It can show every interrupt and task change and can log messages, waypoints, and even API functions with a timestamp accurate to a single clock cycle. While being useful in simple super-loop applications, it is  particularly effective when working with complex, RTOS-based Embedded  Systems comprised of multiple threads and interrupts. It makes it easy  to verify system behavior, track down inefficiencies and find unintended interactions and resource conflicts.

“System verification should not be an afterthought,” says Paul Curtis, Senior Developer at SEGGER. “I use SystemView in development all the time. Using SystemView during development ensures that my system is working the way I expect it to, every step of the way.”
“We use SystemView in the development of all of our embedded products to optimize and verify system behavior,” says Rolf Segger.“Given the complexity of today’s embedded products, I am convinced it is impossible to do this to the same degree without a tool like SystemView.” SystemView can use a simple memory buffer to record data on any Embedded System. When using Ethernet or SEGGER's J-Link Real Time Transfer (RTT) technology, SystemView can stream, analyze, and visualize an unlimited amount of data in real time. The recorded data can be stored for later analysis and documentation purposes.

Under SEGGER’s Friendly License, SystemView can be downloaded without registration and used free of charge for educational and non-commercial purposes, as well as evaluated without code size, feature, or time limit, on all platforms. This puts SystemView under the same friendly terms as SEGGER’s Ozone debugger and SEGGER’s Embedded Studio IDE.
All J-Link models are fully compatible with SystemView. This includes the low-cost educational versions J-Link EDU and J-Link EDU Mini and even J-Link OB (on-board many evaluation boards).

For more information on SystemView and SEGGER's Friendly License please visit: