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2016 |
Dec. 15
SEGGER Training Classes, Press Releases 2016

SEGGER Training Classes: Introduction to Software Development for ARM Cortex-M Microcontrollers

SEGGER has launched an extensive training program for 2017. Through this, the company's team of Embedded Experts will be able to give guidance to software developers to help them get the most out of ARM Cortex-M microcontrollers.

All participants will be given extensive opportunities to work hands-on with the evaluation boards provided. They will be shown how a Cortex-M based target system should be set up and how to subsequently debug targets, as well as being introduced to modern techniques for carrying out system analysis. Basic tuition on use of an RTOS will also be covered. Each of the topics will be demonstrated and explained in detail, with all projects being shared with participants, so they can rebuild and modify them, then take them home.

There are 6 one day training sessions already scheduled for early 2017. The first of these will take place on January 12th at SEGGER’s headquarters in Hilden, Germany. Some of the further training sessions that are being organized will be hosted at its US facility, near Boston. To access more information on SEGGER’s training classes go to:

Included within the training fee will be the evaluation board, comprehensive training material and a certificate upon completion of the session. Those participating should have good prior knowledge of the C programming language and need to bring their own laptop (Windows, Linux or Mac based) for the hands-on sessions.

"The level of sophistication in embedded systems is continuously rising. This means that it is very difficult for engineers to find a good starting point,” states Dirk Akemann, Partnership Marketing Manager at SEGGER. “Just reading ARM manuals can be very time consuming, as these are complex and use a lot of term that are not self-explanatory, as well as referring to a lot of other documents. These classes are the perfect jump start for software development with Cortex-M microcontrollers. They will enable time to be saved and frustration to be avoided, thereby putting developers on the right track from day one."

Registration for the SEGGER training sessions is open for individuals or small groups. The number of participants is strictly limited, in order to provide a favorable ratio of trainer to trainee. All material will be provided in English. The class language will be English unless all participants prefer German.