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SEGGER SystemView for RISC-V now available

SEGGER announces the availability of real-time visualization with SystemView for RISC-V embedded systems. SystemView reveals the true runtime behavior of an application utilizing its real-time recording and visualization capabilities. It uses J-Link and SEGGER's Real Time Transfer (RTT) technology for continuous real-time recording and live analysis.

SystemView can now be used with any RISC-V embedded system using System Bus Access (SBA). SystemView can ensure a system performs as designed, it can track down inefficiencies, and show unintended interactions and resource conflicts. SystemView can save acquired traces to a file that can be used for future retrieval, documentation and analysis. 

SystemView is a free tool from SEGGER that runs on Windows, Linux, and macOS. There are no license fees and no hidden costs. For additional information on SystemView please visit:

A sample running SystemView with a RISC-V processor can be downloaded below. The embOS sample runs on the Digilent Arty A7-35T FPGA Development Board using SiFive's trial bitstream for the E31.

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