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2021 |
Nov. 12
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SEGGER News: SEGGER is carbon neutral!

SEGGER is carbon neutral!

SEGGER, working with TÜV Rheinland, has neutralized its carbon footprint for 2020 and plans to continue to do so in the future.

SEGGER has always been very environmentally conscious and friendly, always working to minimize resource and energy usage in the production of its products, as well as the energy use of the products themselves. By way of example, no SEGGER product uses a fan, yet many of its products use less power in total than the fan alone uses in some competing products.

“As the Embedded Experts we are constantly advancing our products. A significant part of this is analyzing and reducing the power usage of those products — both hardware and software,” says Rolf Segger, founder of SEGGER. “Increasing efficiency and reducing power usage has always been a part of our business so becoming officially carbon neutral was a logical next step for us. With that said, we acknowledge that this is a bit easier in our industry than in most. But every bit helps and it was something we wanted to do.”

For all of its popular hardware products, SEGGER offers compact versions with the same functionality in a significantly smaller housing. This not only reduces energy and resources in production, but also reduces waste in packaging and emissions from shipping.

SEGGER’s embedded software helps make its customer’s products more energy efficient as well. Reducing energy use by small amounts, multiplied over billions of devices and many years of use, makes a difference in power usage, ultimately reducing CO2 emissions.

In terms of operations, SEGGER built new energy-efficient headquarters in 2018 and is now adding solar carports. All new company vehicles will be electric, where possible, or hybrid, where necessary. The new SEGGER expansion building, coming soon, will have a facade of solar panels, producing even more renewable energy on site.

More information on SEGGER's activities to achieve and maintain climate neutrality can be found at: