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2015 |
May 28
J-Link, Flasher, Press Releases 2015
J-Link USB Isolator

SEGGER introduces USB Isolator optimized for its J-Link and Flasher

SEGGER now offers a USB Isolator optimized to provide host side protection to their J-Link debug probes and Flasher flash programmers.


At the same time, it provides electrical isolation of the target and eventually protects the user, in particular when dealing with high voltage. This is an addition to their existing line of isolation devices.

Development and manufacturing environments contain many variables that may be hazardous to the proper operation and longevity of development tools, such as noise, electrical spikes, overvoltages and ground loops.

SEGGER recommends to make use of the USB Isolator in addition to the available JTAG / SWD isolators to fully protect devices within these environments. The Isolator electrically separates the host from the J-Link and target system. It protects the J-Link and target hardware, but also secures the host PC against overvoltage from the target. This is highly recommended when working on a motor control application, inverter application, or any application dealing with high voltages.

A built-in overload protection safeguards the isolator against potential damage. An LED indicates if the debug probe’s power consumption is too high. The maximum current that can be drawn is limited to 200 mA, protecting the investment in the development and production environment. Use of the Isolator is very easy, as it simply has to be plugged in between the host PC and the USB connector of the J-Link or Flasher. Complementing the SEGGER hardware eco-system with the corresponding and approved USB Isolator ensures smooth interaction. More details and specifications of the USB Isolator can be found here: