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2021 |
Feb. 17
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SEGGER Flasher Compact compared to a credit card

SEGGER Introduces Flasher Compact - The Credit-Card-Size Almost-Anything-Programmer

The SEGGER Flasher Compact is a full-featured, in-circuit, universal flash programming tool in a housing with a footprint smaller than that of a credit card.

While the Flasher Compact can be used in stand-alone or PC-based mode, it is primarily designed for integration into production rigs or automated test equipment (ATE) where space is limited. The unit is both powered and controlled via USB cable, which can be up to five meters long. With this, plus its small size and mounting holes, target-side assembly is very easy.

As a member of the Flasher Family, the Flasher Compact is also fast, robust, and reliable. In terms of speed, the Flasher Compact comes close to the theoretical minimum programming time for the target hardware.

“SEGGER Flashers are a family of universal programmers that can program almost anything,” says Rolf Segger, founder of SEGGER. “Whether the focus is on size, flexibility, portability, security, or mass production, a SEGGER Flasher is the perfect tool for the job. Great performance. Outstanding value. No surprises. The initial cost is the only cost.”

About SEGGER Flashers

SEGGER Flashers are professional in-circuit programmers, designed for use in mass production and service environments. They are used to program the non-volatile memories of microcontrollers and SoCs as well as (Q)SPI flashes.

All SEGGER Flashers come with the setup and control software for Linux, macOS, and Windows. Software and firmware updates are included. Similarly, use on all target devices currently supported, and on any that will be added, is also included.

No additional licenses required. No hidden costs. No future costs.

More information on Flasher Compact can be found here: