What's Happening at SEGGER?

2019 |
Aug. 16
Press Releases

SEGGER Embedded Studio adds support for 3rd party debug probes via GDB protocol

SEGGER Embedded Studio V4.20 adds fully configurable support for debug probes using the GDB protocol. The new version can now be used with any debug probe that comes with a GDB Server.

This new feature is included in all editions: ARM, Cortex-M, and RISC-V, on Windows, macOS, and Linux 32- and 64- bit platforms.

Embedded Studio can automatically launch the 3rd party GDB Server upon starting a debug session, keeping debugging easy and convenient. Port number, host and protocol features are configurable for maximum flexibility. The GDB Server software is executed in a separate process and thus does not affect the stability of Embedded Studio.

The new implementation is tested and ready-to-go with J-Link GDB Server, OpenOCD, as well as ST-LINK GDB Server on Windows. Embedded Studio can be easily downloaded from and fully evaluated without code size, feature or time limit. It can be used free of charge for educational and non-commercial purposes, without requirement to register.

“SEGGER has a broad spectrum of products. For many customers, this means we are a One-Stop solution for their needs,” said Ivo Geilenbrügge, Managing Director at SEGGER. “All products follow the same design rules and work seamlessly together. SEGGER has a long history of cooperating with other suppliers in the embedded space. If our customers, for whatever reason, prefer to combine a 3rd party or Open Source Product with our solutions, they can. This new release enables users of debug probes other than our market-leading J-Link to take full advantage of Embedded Studio.”

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