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2014 |
Oct. 08
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SEGGER announces microsecond accurate system time for embOS

embOS, SEGGER’s market leading RTOS, now offers microsecond accurate system time. This is a unique feature for embOS not available elsewhere. In other systems, RTOS-based time functions are based on the system tick which is typically 1 msec or more. This makes it impossible to get very precise timing values. Coupled with embOS’ proven performance, extremely small footprint, and recently added tickless low power support, it makes it an ideal choice for embedded systems.

This new functionality can be used whenever accurate timing is necessary, for example to benchmark a piece of source code, or to measure the time between two external pin interrupts.

"As with many of SEGGER’s innovations, the driving force for microsecond resolution was born out of internal necessity. During the ongoing development to improve our J-Link debug probes and flash programmers, which make use of embOS, we desired a microsecond resolution and knew our embOS customers would also benefit from this," says Til Stork, Product Manager SEGGER embOS.

"New functionality and features are continually being added to SEGGER embOS to maintain its position as a leading embedded real time operating system. We are excited to be the first to offer a microsecond resolution," he added.

For more information about microsecond accurate timing:

More information about embOS is available at:


About embOS

embOS is a high-performance real-time OS that has been optimized for minimum memory consumption in both RAM and ROM, as well as high speed and versatility. It supports fully nested interrupts for zero interrupt latency. embOS is a priority-controlled multi-tasking system, designed as an embedded operating system for real-time applications for all popular CPUs. It provides a migration path with identical APIs across all platforms. embOS is available as full source code and comes with a simple licensing model without royalties. Full product specifications and a trial version are available at: