What's Happening at SEGGER?

2018 |
Jul. 14
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SEGGER announces emLib-C, an optimized C runtime library for Arm processors

SEGGER announces the availability of emLib-C, a C runtime library that can replace glibc or newlib in GNU distributions.

emLib-C has a significantly reduced memory footprint compared to glibc, newlib or newlib-nano. emLib-C is delivered as a combination of lean ANSI C source code and highly optimized Arm assembly language; the library can be optimized for size and speed with architecture-specific code for all Arm processors.

SEGGER emLib-C is the proven and robust standard library, that is already used in SEGGER Embedded Studio, the professional integrated development for Arm and RISC-V processors.

The emLib-C runtime library has highly optimized functions, that include only the absolutely required support functions keeping its size as small as possible. Many functions come in two implementations, one optimized for size, the other for speed. Mathematical functions are fully reentrant.

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